MAYBELLINE Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Hello Guys! How was your finals? Me, doing good. I'm working on my last design painting plate to be passed tomorrow, but before that, I'll be posting a long due product review.

Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Php 449.00

"Quick dry, Intense color, Lasts all day"

I love this! This is actually my HG eyeliner since 2009, although I can't make a good comparison of it with other eyeliners (since its my second eyeliner after pencil eyeliners and never switched again, haha!)


The gel eyeliner is contained in a thick glass pot with a metallic lid + eyeliner brush with cap. I have mine badly fell down several times but never breaks, pretty sturdy pot!

Here's my old Maybelline Gel eyeliner from Japan,

When I was younger, I decided to switch to GEL/cream types eyeliners when I'm about to throw my pencil liners away and study on liquid eyeliners isntead, YES I tried to research first since I don't have this steady hand and learning to make this hand steady in applying liquid eyeliners is quite next to impossible--but I'm really desperate to draw precise thin sharp defining lines, etc.

There I met GEL eyeliners They are extremely flexible. Their creamy texture make them easier to apply than liquid eyeliners, but not as thick as those. I used to love pencil eyeliners' texture because they also have that slightly dramatic look, but they get easily washed off, messy and smudge too much --and I don't like that since I tend to rub my eyes a lot.

With liquid eyeliners, I find them very hard to control, mistakes made easily, cheap ones flake, AGAIN, I CAN'T JUST CONTROL THAN TINY THIN BRUSH! lol

With GEL/creamy eyeliners it's like hitting two birds with one stone.

  • they are very easy to work with, and you'll actually love playing with it. *Ehem! for Fine Arts students like me and my girls hihihi*
  • I can make both thick and thin line with this dramatically
  • it's very flexible you can try different strokes and you can even use this as a matte black eye shadow too
  • doesn't flake
  • not messy (esp. when you got the hang of it)
  • no need to sharpen (pencils)
  • no need to improve your hand skills (compare to using a liquid eyeliner)

The box,

(I forgot to include these pictures yesterday)

I'm using ETUDE HOUSE Oh m' Eye Lash in (Double up Longlash)

What I don't like

This is indeed smudge-proof, but not that extremely smudge-proof since I still get creams/gels on my hand whenever I accidentally rub my eye (I usually forget I'm wearing eyeliners).

It's a tad bit longer to wash off since its water proof, but not that too annoying to wash unlike other waterproof eye makeups.

I have oily face and of course, oily lids and this smudges or washes off a bit when I oiled up.

You have to clean the brush every after use.

On the other news, I bought a new foundation and lipstick yesterday!

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