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by - Monday, February 28, 2011

If you haven't read the Part 1 yet, might as well read that first before you read this. Here. Thankiees!

A Value set from Missha worth ¥2,481 ONLY! ✖‿✖

This is how the kawaii pink box looks! I really have to show you this (cause I really want to), because it's chou kawaii! Hahaha. (◕‿-)

"Love your skin, Love your soul"

(Revealing the wallpaper white dots in pink background that I'm using. lol)

What's inside~

  • deeppink-ish makeup pouch
  • 2 sheets of Wine Essential mask
  • Cherry blossom cleansing foam
  • Moist 24 hand cream with Manuka honey
  • Perfect BB deep cleansing oil
  • Perfect cover BB cream no. 23
 All from Missha! (♥‿♥)

  • Missha Perfect Cover BB cream no.23

  • (Flower bouquet) Cherry Blossom Cleansing Foam

  • Moist 24 Hand cream with Manuka Honey

  • Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil

  • Wine Essential Sheet Mask

  • and a pink pouch from Missha

I love this set to bits! Think, I got this set for ¥2,481. The Perfect Cover BB cream sold alone is ¥2,500 (check Japanese website here for the price) weird right? :D Thank God I didn't impulsively get the Perfect Cover BB cream and luckily passed by the small shelf near to it. Back then, there were only two(2) value set/boxes left on the shelf. The promo shelf was not so eye-catchy probably because there were only two sets left and I think they were about to go pack things up, and showcase another promo for another brand.

Yiiee! o(≧o≦)o I was just soo lucky!

If you can't understand why I am this happy. Here it is, a lot of Filipino BB cream-lovers are in love with their product. And the annoying thing is, you have to order Missha products online since they don't have accessible outlets in the Philippines yet, (or maybe, not accessible in my case. haha!) For those who are comfy or have at least tried online shopping, its not of a big deal, but I think, for those who haven't tried online shopping even once, its really a pain in the ass.

So, the fact that we have it here in Japan. Getting myself one is such a piece of cake. Easy peasy baby :)

And another thing, I bought all of these, the deco, L`oreal Revitalift and this set, all using my own money. :) Ok, I mean my own savings.
I went all by myself there without my parents, bought these, paid fare, bought myself lunch.. all using my own money!! I'm so happy 'cause this is the very first time I did that. Hahaha! WTH

*** will make a review about the products soon :)

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