Japan: Shopping on 11th of March & the Unexpected Earthquake

by - Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is what happened that very day.

Last friday, I got ¥3,000 (around Php 1,500+) from my parents for being a katulong here in the house :P I mean for regularly cleaning the house. As you can see, I stopped studying here after my 6-month vacation in the Philippines. Leaving me no moolah, so yeah, I'm totally broke.

After that, I insisted going with my parents for a hitch. They were heading somewhere so I just asked them to leave me in one particular place since all of the malls there are within walking distance.

KATE's Mineral Foundation Refill ~ cause obviously I'm running out of foundation. I'm just using the regular one from Kate, but since most Japanese foundation in rectangular shape are all of the same size, regardless if they're under Kanebo or Shiseido, I took the Mineral one for a change.

Next stop, gadgets/appliances center.

Ohhh~ wait! They have Canon KISS X5 now! and X50!  @_@ and the price for KISS X5 was, ¥129,780 (Pwede mahimatay?!) Thats around Php 69,111. Yes, digital cameras bought here are way cheaper than when you buy one in the Philippines and maybe in other countries also. But the thing here is, 12 na lapad (129,780Yen) ay hindi birong halaga, marami na kaming necessities na mabibili o mababayaran sa halaga na un dito. so, its a big NO, NO. Though anyway, when it comes to converting Peso to Yen, I think mas makakamura ka talaga kung dito ka bibili. Pero in the eyes of People living here, mahal. :)) Pero pag kinonvert mo, nakamura ka. Gets?

Good news: KISS X4 (Canon EOS 550D) is ¥79,800. That's Php42,495 as of today's exchange rate.

Pardon me for being so Talk-y tooooday!~ After checking on adorbs on gadgets center, I went back to the not-so-big mall where my parents left me. They also have gadgets/appliances center there, and I luckily passed by a promo for this 2 in 1 thing, curler + straightening iron! ^_^

Panasonic 2-way Mini Kote (thats what it reads, k?) for ¥3,980 ONLY!

I decided to buy this one since most curlers are around ¥5000 and up! I even saw a curler at 12,000+ there. Probably this mini handy iron was also around 5k, but since they have a promo, I got it for almost 4k only :) Thank God I have 1k to add for my ¥3,000! :D

  • box's front view

  • back side view

I also took some leaflets over the counter for reference.

Seventeen Magazine model Mariya Nishiuchi ^_^

Luckily~ I was actually looking for this iron thingy since this was featured in the latest ish of Seventeen magazine and.. the iron is soooo~ cute with its eye-catching color plus it has 3 gems/deco/bling at the side for more kawaii look.

The PINK and the WHITE ones are of the same price, while the BLACK one is ¥4,980 since the metallic part has "gloss coating" making the straightened hair much silkier? I guess.

  • Items inside: The curler/straightening iron itself, black pouch and 3 leaflets regarding the product and customer's safety and how-to-use thingy.


Yes, we were out of the house when the earthquake happened. We just learned a thing about it when our relatives texted my mom, and was madly scared, while we were having our late lunch/afternoon snack at a restaurant before going home.

Then right after we got home, we opened the tv and we were totally shocked seeing how horrible the earthquake was, plus the Tsunami warning all over Japan.

We were really lucky to be very far from the center of the earthquake, not experiencing even the aftershock that was even felt in Tokyo and that the ground still shaking there until now. People still do not have electricity and cellphone lines were shut off. Most of my friends living in affected areas cannot sleep because of the regularly traumatic shaking.

God gave me something significant to remember ~forever. And that, realizing I have bunch of friends, both personal and in the online community who extended their concerns not only on me but for all of us. ❤

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