ETUDE HOUSE Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Dual Primer Review

by - Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello there guys! Today's review is an item from Etude House and called Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Dual Primer (Moisture and Pore cover).

  • 1.5g of pore cover + the 35ml of the primer in tube (P498.00)

Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Dual Primer (P498) is a primer housed in squeeze-type tube with watery moisturizer-like primer inside, and on its cap is also another primer which is creamy yet much sheer and sets transparently thin when put for pore coverage.

Description: Moisturizing and pore coverage makeup primer improves foundation makeup expression and longevity.

What can I say?
Most of the Etude House buyers commented it is effective.

It does help controlling the oil in my face, particularly in my cheeks but not in my nose. On a lighter note, Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Dual Primer is very skin-friendly. I had a small about-to-start pimple the day I put my primer on, then the next morning I was putting the primer on again when I noticed that the small pimple is gone! On the pore covering effect, it made my cheek's pores a little smaller too.

Anyhoo, I recommend this to people with normal to slightly oily face. Very skin friendly.
And yay! I am now officially a Pink Card Member. :)

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