PALTY Raspberry Macaroons Haircolor Review

by - Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bet you thought I was talking about food or something sweet, some cakes and the like. But NOPE! I'm talking about my latest hair color, it's PALTY Kiichigo Macaroon or "Raspberry Macaroon"
*not in bubble/foam form

This is one of my hair dyes I went home with me to Manila. I brought a light brown one, and this reddish brown hair dye with me. I quickly gave the light brown dye to one of my friends (the very moment I got back here in the Phils.) and forgot that it was supposed to be for my black roots (when they show up) that was the reason why I had to go to the salon for coloring last month. But it's ok! :)

-- I forgot to buy her kasi a pair of shoes (I bought some for 3 of our friends ), and I can see that she was somehow disappointed, so to make her a little happy, I quickly gave her one of my hair dyes plus Canmake makeup.

Back to the real story, I decided to dye my hair again since I have just had it colored light brown and I thought that it would make the red shade stand out!

Inside: a bottle filled with ammonia thingy (its ammonia if I'm not mistaken),

  • comb-like cap - this is where the mixture comes out
  • tube with the hair color in it
  • a plastic containing a paper of applying directions (written in purely Japanese) + plastic hand gloves + 1-time hair conditioner 
Possible Results

From R-L (top) (黒め髪)Black hair resulting to dark black-ish red, slightly light haircolor(やや明るい髪) resulting to red,

            (bottom) light haircolor(明るい髪 to lighter red, very light haircolor(より明るい髪)resulting to somewhat orange-ish red.

What to do:

Open the bottle and the tube, (you cant just see it but the bottle has something inside it)

Put the hair color from the tube to the bottle,

(just ignore how messy my bed is, thats the usual look of my bed)

top view of the hair color + the ammonia below it, inside the bottle.

Shake it baby!

And last, change the cap of the bottle with the comb-like cap. Comb your hair with it, after you finish coloring the entire head, leave it for atleast 20 minutes. Please do not leave your hair for 40 minutes or more!

Rinse your hair with the conditioner included in the box/package.

Enjoy your D-I-Y haircolor!

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