ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Hair Coloring in Natural Brown #4 Review

by - Saturday, November 12, 2011

I decided to dye my hair again since the black roots are starting to show up. As I told before, I hoarded two boxes of Etude House's Bubble Hair Color, 1 Natural brown #3 and 1 in Wine red #4.

Today, I'll be reviewing about the Natural Brown I used.

A shampoo-type hair coloring product. Its bubble foam can give more vivid color than cream-type ones.

What's inside the box: (from left to right)
  • Bubble Hair Color in plastic container/sachet
  • White pump container with a liquid/chemical inside it
  • A plastic containing the gloves and plastic cape
  • Silky Perfume treatment
  • plus the manual written all in Korean
First and foremost, wear your hair coloring gear first! :D wear the gloves and the plastic cape, then..

Step 1: pour the product off to the pump bottle/container.

Step 2: Do NOT shake the bottle. Tilt it from side to side until they're fully mixed. You'll then notice that the bottle's getting a bit warm, and yellowish.

Step 3: Pump a generous amount to your palm and apply to hair. Coming out of the bottles, are of course, BUBBLES! Continue applying until the entire hair is covered. Yes, its just like shampooing your hair :)

Step 4: Leave on for 30 minutes. No need to cover your head with a shower cap,
but since I would like to do things freely while waiting, and since my hair is too long, I decided to pull it up and covered it with my shower cap.

Step 5: I rinsed it without shampooing and conditioned it using the Silky Perfume treatment.
I emphasized the "I rinse it without shampooing" in step 5 since I think this part is somehow optional.

For first time Do-it-yourself hair coloring doers. You may be shocked to found your hair TOO rough and sticky to touch, as if you mad damaged your hair. Calm down, its normal after dying your hair, that's why hair coloring sets always have their special treatment conditioners in the set.

When I was in Japan, using BeautyLabo and Palty hairdyes, I usually just rinsed my hair with the conditioning treatment included in the set, and I DO NOT SHAMPOO my hair. First, aside from its what I can see and read, its also my mom's instruction and I believe, myself, it could also add damage to our hair if we will add more chemicals on it just after a mass of chemicals put on it: haircoloring. Right? I know most of the time the hair becomes smelly, but I do shampoo it the day after. Besides, Japan hairdyes don't smell that bad! :D

Here's the result,

Ratings: 2.5 out of 5

✔ it's very cheap at Php378
✔ a box can cover a thick long hair (in my case)
✔ lovely colors to choose from, 1 Deep Black, 2 Dark Brown, 3 Natural Brown, 4 Wine Red, 5 Sweet Orange. I really want to try that Sweet Orange!!!!!~

✖ a box can cover medium-long hair, but in my case it wasn't able to cover my black roots (it can be that, I should have applied it more cautiously)
✖ since its cheap, its always out of stock. Always!
✖ the smell is disturbingly bad. Srsly.
it dried my hair so bad :(

I know that I'm currently on the down side of being too hairstyle-freak. I have done almost everything and anything I can do on my hair, and its obviously and currently on its dullest, driest, weakest whatsoever status. Ive been to different salons for the past months and all I can receive is the ugly truth that my hair is unfortunately "patay" na. (my stylist even explained to me everything I got to know why salon people know which hair is totally damaged and/or dead and which is just mad dry, in my case he even adviced me to wait for my new hair to grow) I may sound exaggerating but its true, I may not tell you guys but I've been buying and trying out hair medicines for the past months, hair medicines may I say, since they cost more than usual hair conditioners and treatments. I also skipped another hair plan for I was warned that I might get bald if I insist.

The point is, I've been D-I-Y hair dying ever since, and the very first DIY haircolor I used was when I was in Japan, ofcourse they're J-products. AND THEY HAVE NEVER DRIED MY HAIR LIKE THIS. I get the exact hair I have before, even after coloring it! MARK THAT! The hair coloring had never add anything on my hair aside from the color itself alone, no bad smell, no frizzy dry hair.

This hair color smells terribly bad and can actually stay for a couple of days if you're not crazy enough to wash your hair crazily. I had to use another amount of conditioner after rinsing with the silky perfume treatment since it wont condition the entire hair back to its normal state.

Overall, its a good product though. I just dont advice people with already crazy hair to use this and just go to salons if you really want your hair done, so they could easily come up with treatments after.

You can read some reviews that tells the product had no effect on coloring at all, proven that they have pictures, I could also have believed them. Seriously, I think some have failed in coloring since some thought of shaking the bottle. Again, never shake it, tilt it! I knew a good blogger who shook it and ended up with same black hair color as a result.

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