Travel Macau: A Las Vegas in Asia (Hongkong-Macau Travel Part 1)

by - Thursday, December 22, 2011

Since I'm busy slacking off lately, will just post some of the photos of our trip plus 1 liner captions, LOL!
Will update this when I get the time, I'll be having my internet connection fixed later today because of frequent disconnections and the like. Anyhoo, here it goes (ain't a travel blogger here, bear with me nyaaa~ )

Landing at Hongkong International Airport

waiting for the bus outside the airport

Nathan Road, one of the busiest streets in Hongkong - on our way to the hotel

Ferry going to Macau from Hongkong, the ride takes at least an hour of dizziness, and vomiting! Srsly

A cab in Macau

 I love bright places with lights like this!  

Us, waiting outside Grand Lisboa Casino

Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino is one of the Lisboa's you'll see in the heart of Macau. I dunno why, but there's so many Lisboa there, haha, really!

Desh, xoxo :*

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