Etude House Haul + Mascara Remover First Impression

by - Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hello guys! :) Happy New Year! One of my resolutions for the year is to be more responsible in keeping a blog active and to really REVIVE my blogger account. Yay! ;) :D I really am tired of the usual reblogging and decided to be more personal of the things I'll be posting. Not that I'll be telling random rants (which I usually do, and love to do. Haha! ~I'll try to avoid that, promise), but be more to my personal daily experiences.

Anyhoo~ I actually should be doing a tarp design for a wedding && some packaging design for my school work. But I'm not really the type that can be comfortable without finishing the first intended task on the list. So yeah~ I'M BLOGGING! HAHAHA!! ;)))

What I bought: Oh m' eyelash mascara,  Line Nuance Duo #2,  MASCARA REMOVER,  plus I got the Pomegranate Mask for FREE! Yaaaay~!! *happy dance*

Etude House's Mascara Remover: short review

80ml - removes heavy hard to erase eye makeup in one quick and  easy step. Specifically formulated to remove eye makeup without skin irritation.
How to use: Shake the bottle to have the water & oil mixed. Apply solution to a cotton pad. Apply wet pad to eye, hold for 10 seconds and then wipe off to remove makeup.

The mascara remover is good enough for a Php198! Cheap! It really does remove eye makeup (mascara and eyeliner  in my case, I seldom use heavy eye makeup). Just hold for more than 10 seconds so the eye makeup (particularly the eye liner will be removed completely, if not all, at least most). A small amount is enough to remove eye makeup, also, it doesn't sting the eyes. It's not irritating. No weird chemical-ish smell or something.
Also, just prepare a couple of cotton pads since you'll be needing at least 2 or more especially for waterproof, hard to remove ones. (I'm not sure though if its just me since it's my first time to use an eye makeup remover, really. I just use facial wash + toner + petroleum jelly before)

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