ETUDE HOUSE: Princess feels with Pink Points!

by - Monday, January 30, 2012

Before anything else, I went to SM Megamall today since it was Tony Moly's Big Sale for V-day. I was able to buy the Eye Serum I've been checking on for some time now. I was also running out of my daily facial wash so I also planned to try a line from TM for a change, apparently it's out of stock AGAIN!

Unsatisfied, I went to Etude House to look for a product to try aside from buying another tube of Baking Powder Facial foam/cleanser that I'm using. Luckily, I remembered to bring my previous receipt (dated Jan. 19) for one of the cashier wasn't able to see that I have a pink card and wasn't able to swipe in my card, then they just asked for my card's number and promised to key it in some time later. I waited. I actually gave them 2 days before checking my account if they indeed punched my points in. Unfortunately just as expected, they wasn't able to key in my points (for purchasing).

Since I fully know what I'm talking about, I did send EH an email regarding the matter. And received no response at all. No reply, No points added on my account either.

K, I know this sounds so ridiculously petty, but I can't just afford to shrug things at my expense. So now, I showed my previous receipt and told them with all the good manners that I got what happened, ok the staffs on the register were nice naman, but they all seemed to be panicking and looking at each other's faces like as if this was the first time. I know someone who has tons of things to say about the staffs attitude towards their job there. lololol (srsly, I'm avoiding not to rant, really)

Luckily, they were able to swipe in my card NOW (for this current purchase of Baking Powder Facial wash) ^^; But again, they just get my cards number again promising to just punched in my points (for the previous one) some time later.

The pointing system is that customer is entitled to get 2% rebate whenever he purchased a minimum of PHP 100 worth of purchase with his Pink Card. So it really is a big thing.

On the bright side, just before I end the story and hit the PUBLISH POST button, I decided to check my account and VOILA! They'd just punched in my points! Yaaaaaay


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