ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream in Sheer Silky Skin #1 Review

by - Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pretty long name huh? Haha! Anyhoo~ Hello! Today I'll be reviewing one of my highly used BB creams. I use this whenever I go outside for shopping or a date with boyfriend since this looks perfect on me, EXCEPT when I'm in school uniform. (its either making me look pale or very ghostly) mehh~ lol

Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream SPF30/PA++ [Sheer Silky Skin #1] promotes silky complexion and brightened look with pearl infused sheer coverage. Improved SPF protection with a hypoallergenic and oil-free formula

It is the reformulated version of Precious Mineral BB cream that promises zero oiliness = All Day Strong.

Net Wt. 60g (2.11 oz.)

And if before they only have two shades available, in the All Day Strong line ETUDE HOUSE added another darker shade to cater to not-so-fair princesses, like me!


SHEER SILKY #1 has the lightest shade and is best for oily-skinned people like me! Don't worry about looking too "white" since BB creams are designed to adapt well on most skin tones. And aside from that, oily/acidic people tend to make foundations look even more darker (take note of the redundancy, lol) when the face starts to secrete oil.

*Most oily people have this problem, so practically, beauty consultants do advice them to get foundations 1 to 2 shades lighter than their skin tone.

Sheer Silky Skin #1 - matte, and for OILY skin (has the lightest shade)
Sheer Glowing Skin #2  - dewy finish for DRY skin (2nd lightest shade)
Sheer Flawless Skin #3 - normal skin (darkest shade)

Consistency & Texture
Just like most Korean brand BB creams, this is quite thick but watery, making it rather easy to apply.

When fully blended,

has medium - buildable coverage. Since this is thick, it can conceal most of my imperfections. I don't need to use concealer when I'm wearing this.

This doesn't seem too matte to me, just semi-matte. I like it since it doesn't make my makeup too flat and dull. I usually use this with my Etude House Dr. Oil Anti-shine Mist + my HG matte foundation/s on top, and they go along well. I seldom go out without topping my BB cream with foundation or loose powder or else my face will look super shiny/oily after only an hour or so.

Lasting Power
Like I said, this goes along very well with my matte foundations. They last long enough for me (max of 5 to 6 hours?) as long as I spray my anti-shine mist on and top it off with a foundation powder or my HG loose powder.

I rarely use this when going to school since I'm the type that RARELY retouch nor blot, lol SERIOUSLY I'm lazy beeezy. This one didn't pass my busy hours in school and washes/fades off a bit, though the one I use for school doesn't last all day too (just like this one),but what I hate more is that this BB cream has that ghostly gray cast that is even more emphasized when I'm in my white school uniform. "The battle of warm skin toned people." lol

Yes, it seems a tad bit lighter than my skin tone, but eventually it tones down after a couple of minutes. I look fairer but not that silly clownish white.

Here's some of my latest photos wearing Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream Sheer Silky Skin #1 (taken using only ipod)

Overall, I LOVE THIS BB CREAM! And will definitely purchase again (unless I found another BB cream better in oil-controlling, kyaaa!!~) I usually use this in most of my self portraits and looks good in photos too, just don't use that fuglyyy flashes, eww!

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