GIVEAWAY: Let's join the giveaways for this month!

by - Sunday, March 11, 2012

Before I spill the good news, here's some of the giveaways I joined and you must join too! :D

Closet Giveaway! Drool on the prizes,

until April 1, 2012

Prizes include Dolly wink and Candy doll Cosmetics, Diamond Lash, and more! EXCITING right? Please click either the banner on side or the photo above to join for more details!

Until June 1, 2012

The lovely Christina of really is so nice to give another pairs of lenses plus 3 Synthetic Hair Extensions, 2 Blooming of Beauty Masks and MOOOOORE!.. as thank you giveaway for reaching even more than 150 followers, lets do support this very kind lady by joining giveaway! yay! Giveaway!

Until March 19 only!

Win a cute bag and a Melliesh eyelashes from this!!! :D


Until March 27, 2012

Win fabulous prizes like Dolly wink eyelashes and eyeliner, and more kawaii stuff! :) Join now!

Get these MAC items from Miss Holly's Giveaway!

prize includes MAC lipstick, MAC eyeshadow, and MAC blusher of your choice! Join now!!!! ^^; + Giveaway!

Summer Giveaway!
by KikaysiMaria, Makeup by Ana Patricia, and lovely Shimmerjjang,
Click the photo for more info!

And for the good news,


I'm one of the lucky 10 winners of the Grang Grang Giveaway! :D Yay! Just sent my email/shipping details moments ago, can't wait to review the lens!!!! :D Soooo Happy! :D

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