ETUDE HOUSE Look At My Lips lipstick #9 - First Impression

by - Friday, March 16, 2012

Hello, I'm here again for another short review!  Today, officially marks the start of my summer vacation!Yay! Last Wednesday March 14, 2011 ~ White Day! I actually forgot that it was White Day, but my body somehow did not forget to do some retail therapy while I'm stressed painting and thinking about my finals. 

So I got these two lovely beauty finds, and today I'll be reviewing one of them.

ETUDE HOUSE Look At My Lips #9 ~ Php 328.00!

This is actually my very FIRST lipstick. I've always been afraid to wear lipstick since I have my mind set that I can not pull it off, never! lol Seriously. I always end up eating or licking my lipstick off  whenever I go to events like weddings, birthday, etc. I even insisted to my makeup artist to just use a lip tint/balm on my 2nd clothing/retouch during my 18th birthday   (because I've already licked off the lipstick. The ending was horrible, I looked totally washed out on photos. Never again)


Etude House Look At My Lips  lipstick is not really that "red" in person unlike what you can see in the picture. It's a slightly sheer peachy pink with red undertone and looks almost my lips' color. Although it can sometimes look "nude" on me when I put too much on.

So far, it looks decently good on me.
since the texture's creamy, its perfect for my dry chapped lips, (I am not sure if it has moisturizing properties but I like that this is not matte nor frosty, it does not emphasize my dry chapped lips) but again, since this is soft and CREAMY don't expect this to last for hours.

Overall, if you're on the look for a lipstick shade that is not too loud then this one is for you. It is fairly good for everyday use and it suits that my-lips-but-better makeup look.

Together with this, here's another highly raved foundation to try!

Will blog about this in detail, sooooon! ^^; (haven't opened them til now, haha! OC)

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  1. The lip color is really pretty! Love the other items you got too! The gold casing palette is gorgeous!

    P.S. Thanks so much for following my blog! I hope you'll visit again soon :)


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