HAUL: Korean Cosmetics (mixed) Missha, Baviphat, Holika Holika, Skin79, Lioele, Etude House Skinfood, Inisfree

by - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Horaaaa!~ I'm crazy excited while typing this for you guys! :) My online purchases have arrived completely, finally! (Just like what I've mentioned in my tweet pics) The first three packages arrived yesterday, first one in the morning then the two packages (from different shops) arrived at night at the same time. And to complete the haul, the last of my 4 packages arrived tudday! (ok, just moments ago, and I'm soo happy I quickly took pictures. kyaaa~) *caramel dance*

And this is the happy family photo of the items, yaaaa~

I did not buy a lot, but these little things actually cost me thousands of Pesos. Burn!

I was really eager to buy the Missha Choboyang BB cream, but after a couple of research I found out that its best for DRY skin (and I'm oily) and cold places (Winter). Popteen Japanese model Kumicky uses it, its full of herbal ginseng stuff, simple and classy packaging -really got my attention. So I decided to just go for a trial sachet (not free in the Philippines) instead. AND UNFORTUNATELY, THE SELLER FORGOT TO INCLUDE IT IN MY PACKAGE! asjdkekffhk To all the items that can be forgotten, why Choboyang, I kept on checking the said item from her, its the first I always ask and check from her. Gaaah~

Anyways, I got Perfect Cover BB Creams in shades #21 & #23 and M BB Boomer trial bottles (from another seller), I already got my own big tube of #23 but since Boomer and a lighter shade of Perfect Cover (I want to try) is included in the trial set, I bought it.

I also got the Missha Undereye Brightener (concealer), I'm running out of concealer, I'm actually not using any as of the moment, thank God the BB creams and foundations I use have good coverage! I also got the M Signature Real Complete BB Cream trial pack. Missha products are one of the most worth-to-try Korean products! Trust me. :)

Holika Holika
Egg Soap Special Set, Petit BB Cream (Clearing), Black Caviar Wrinkle Recovery Emulsion (freebie) and Luminous Silk Whitening + Anti-wrinkle (freebie)

This is how the eggs look like! Darlings, these eggs are pretty amazing! Each color have their own usage,

GREEN - control excess sebum and moisturizes
WHITE - tightens pores and makes skin sleek
BLACK - suitable for sensitive skin and removes blackheads
YELLOW/ORANGE - cleans out pores

A pair of SAME color of eggs in 1 box are also available. I want the green eggs (actually the white and orange too lol), but they don't have the green ones on stock, so I chose the special set consisting all of the eggs instead!

Since we have no Holika Holika boutiques here in the Philippines, this is my very first time to try Holika Holika products. I heard a lot of good things from those who use their items especially the Clearing Petit BB! Hope it will have the same good effect on me too!

Skin 79 Super BB Cream in Hot Pink and Baviphat BB Magic Girls Plus BB Cream

These are the other two BB Creams I'm super excited to try! Both are good for Oily Skin. And the Baviphat Magic Girls BB Cream has lots of yellow undertones and doesn't look too white on skin (compare to other BB creams = gray cast), users said. I am just confused about Baviphat Magic Girls BB Creams' packaging because they have two versions (?), correct me if I'm wrong, I'm really confused.

(Both versions are labeled for Oily Skin) This is the other version, both versions are usually seen so I really don't know if it has something to do abt "old" packaging revamps, etc. Do you know something about this?

Other freebies I got,
Beauty Credit (by Somang) Redflo Camellia Hair Shampoo (with Geum Jan Di lol) *they have stores here in the Philippines! Homaygawd! I didn't know*
Skinfood Royal Honey Hydro Massage Gel
Inisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation plus foundation puff

Lioele Princess Mirror in Hot Pink

waited long for this to be on-hand, btw, all of these items bought were on-hand! Yay!

It's actually small for me, though. But since the princess-y cuteness is superb, I don't mind! Nyahaha~ anyhoo, since its small, it will definitely fit travel kits.

I also bought the AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot + extreme Set at Etude House last Monday after going to school for my class card. I heard a bunch of good feedbacks about it and I thought of giving it a try for my suuuper stubborn forehead pimples! Mind you, my face is not acne-prone, ok, just this college! Hate it! HUHU~

I got a trial sachet of my fave Baking Powder BB Cream as a freebie. Will update you guys about this AC Clinic set.

To wrap things up, I suggest that if your family can afford, might as well just go to Korea since I heard this trial sachets are just given away there for FREE! Ugh~ I wish its like here in the Philippines. :)

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