INNISFREE Mineral Moisture Foundation C2 - First Impression

by - Friday, March 30, 2012

Innisfree is a South Korea-based cosmetics brand that offers a wide variety of beauty products with the purest and natural ingredients.

"Innisfree, the pure island where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist in harmony." ~
 Today I'll be reviewing one of Innisfree's products I got as a freebie called the
Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation in shade C2.

It has SPF17/PA+ and comes in 6 shades to choose from! Unlike most BB creams that usually come in two light Asian shades and sometimes even 1 shade ONLY! Innisfree is making it easier for us girls! Hope they come in the Philippines shores soon~ :(

Anyhoo, this trial sachet will probably last you 2 to 3 days. I dunno, I'm not quite sure since I squeezed out too much the last time I used it that I was even able to put some on my neck part. Reason why = no product sample shots because I'm crazily saving it.

Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation
"Formulated with Jeju mineral ingredients and organic green tea water. This mineral moisture foundation helps to portray a dewy and sleek complexion as if essence were applied to your skin."

I'm actually quite skeptical to try this since I usually avoid products that focuses on "moisturing" because to start with, my skin's already oily, and aside from that, I love that semi-phony looking matte finish resembling a doll. REAALLY. Kidding aside, I tried anyway.

Just like what I've mentioned, this comes in 6 Asian shades. Lucky enough, C2 suits me well! I said WELL! I REALLY DON'T KNOW! For all these years I believed I am warm toned (since I look totally fugly on white stuff, silver jewelries don't look good at me, etc) but C2 = Pink Natural Beige really looks naturally good on me! :) Kudos to that! Anyways, I'm NC(secret) in Mac, so yeah, I'm probably cool toned.

I told you, before I posted the photo above, I knew before then that people that dont look good on silver and white stuff are friggin warm toned. (reason why I hate the school uniform here in Phils. lol) In contrast I flush and gets burning red under the sun, I'm not sure how to explain this but people usually tell me "namumula ka na" when I'm under the sun for long and not, "nangingitim ka na" lol (and thats always) - must be an acidic reaction? not sure.

Anyways, here's a photo taken just today for my second trial. Photo on the left, bare faced. Right, with Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation.

Warm Tone: W1 Light Beige / W2 Natural Beige / W3 Deep Beige
Cool Tone: C1 Pink Beige / C2 Pink Natural Beige / C3 True Beige

Consistency & Texture
It's NOT like most BB Creams that are thick, this is watery and glides and blends on skin so easily. I love running/watery BB creams! My other HG BB cream(the one I use for school) is watery as well.

Very minimal and Sheer coverage. This won't hide even the slightest of dark spots and dark circles. Although I don't mind sheer coverage since I usually finish off liquid cosmetics with a matte powder foundation and/or loose powders. Help yourself by using good concealers.

Dewy with a slight hint of "powdery" finish. I hate the "powdery" looking finish! My Etude House PMADS and Maybelline BB Creams don't have this kind of finish on me. Sometimes Missha do.
Anyways, with the dewiness its the most expected since this is mostly for DRY skinned people.

To get hid of that "powdery" finish...

Most of the time, I let BB creams sit/oxidize since they look better on me after that. The only downside is, most of the time, they get darker on my face. Luckily this one DOESN'T get any darker on my face! :) And again, looks natural ~just super shiny lol (again to the moisturising properties)

Lasting Power
Just like most mineral foundations I've tried, this won't last on you for so long especially if you're oily. I got super shiny after 2 hours, imagine how I looked after 5 hours. But anyway, compared to my Maybelline Mineral BB Cream (which I'm also going to review) this lasts better and longer on me. I like how it looks on me when it starts to fade/wash out. The other one leaves silly noticeable marks of BB creams on my face while leaving the other parts totally washed out and bare, just imagine how terrible I look then. Innisfree is not like that.

*compare my nose at around 6:20pm without touch ups, my nose is the most oily of them parts of my face. The foundation there was starting to fade completely. My cheeks, just slightly.

I'm giving this mineral foundation 3 hearts! I love the shade, super love love it! I also love it for being watery and lightweight. I just don't like the powdery finish it gave (probably because I'm not wearing primer, eh?) and most of all, its for "DRY" skin for its dewy and moisturizing property.

Bye, thank you for reading! :)

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