KATE Tokyo Mineral Powder Foundation Review

by - Friday, March 02, 2012

I've been using one of  Japan's popular and trusted cosmetics brand's sub-brand KATE for almost 2 years now.

KATE is one of the sub-brands of Kanebo - offering products full of active spirits along with various colors and textures. The super-sensitive make-up brand always leads you to discover the enjoyment of a new look.

Little by little, KATE is starting to import items that used to be available solely in Japan to the Philippines. Just recently, KANEBO has been holding several events related to it's newly launched items in the country.

Japanese cosmetics usually come separately. If my memory serves me correctly, the case is around Php 300-400 and the foundation/refill is around 700-800 in Peso. It used to be my HG foundation back then.

So, here's how my foundation looks like, NOW. Haha!

slight scratches are visible since I don't usually bring my big and heavy makeup kit with me to school.

One of the two foundation refills my mom sent me from Japan, KATE Mineral Powder Foundaton.

And speaking of refills, one time I ran out of powder foundation, I have seen two small stands of KATE around the metro so I (didn't hoard) and didn't panic that I was already running out of foundation, so the day I ran out of it, I quickly went to the mall to buy a refill, to my surprise, KATE's foundation makeups were not YET available to the Philippines by that time.

The saleslady were even mesmerized by how my KATE foundation case looks like, and even call the other KANEBO ladies. They said it was their first time to see it. They do know that KATE offers foundations and the like, but they're sold ONLY in Japan, they said, (ok, by that time then, that was 2010 I guess), so they suggest me to get a Freshel Foundation instead.

I forgot the exact label of the Freshel Foundation I got. And it was my first time to use it since I knew then that the line was made especially for mom's or at least my mom's age, "30's to 40's women who wish to take care of themselves (according to their website)", but the salesladies insisted on getting them since they're just the same. Anyhoo, as far as I can remember, the said foundation was as good as that of KATE's!

To my embarrassment, I tried to clean it before taking another photo of it. lol ;) The one on the pan is the Mineral Powder Foundation, one of the two refills mom sent me.

And this is the other one left, unopened.

KANEBO Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C. [Natural Ochre] SPF15・PA++ (sponge included) 11grams
¥1,500 = around PHP 785
Made in Japan
creates soft and smooth coverage and covers pores.
  • paraben FREE
  • fragrance FREE
As you can see, the packaging comes in full Japanese. I tried to translate everything that I understand.

As you can see, OC-C (Natural Ochre) matches my skin tone really well. The first time I saw OC-C I thought "this is too dark for me" but eventually, when you apply it on your skin, it really does match yellow skin tone and surprisingly it looks very natural.

Like the usual reactions of people who tried/borrowed my foundation (eeeck, ok I do know its NOT hygienic, but.. its their fault lol), it feels so light, smooth and soft. The texture of this foundation is very soft and sheer.

Since its light, the coverage is also a bit sheer, but since I wear other products prior to this, it was not big of a problem. It can still conceal minor pimple marks and redness. Adding to its impressive texture is that: "it doesn't cake" even after layering.

Mineral makeups can easily be washed off, or is it just me? and my oily face? haha! Anyway, mineral makeups are good for our skin, most especially for troubled/sensitive skins.

For the Cons,

  • Totally NO oil control (in my case). I have oily face, crazy oily face, so the foundation only stay on me max of 2 hours
  • Besides, this is a mineral makeup, least expected... for it to stay for extremely long hours
  • Hope they come in English packaging too
You can get yourself one at SM Department stores for P900.00.
That's pretty much it, thank you for reading! :)

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