Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover Foundation Review

by - Thursday, April 05, 2012

Hello month of April!~ Hello Summer! We only have two seasons here in the Philippines, or should I say, it has always been hot here in the Philippines! lol Anyways, Philippines being one of the predominantly Catholic countries in Asia, we observe Lenten season every summer. Filipino families have different rituals during this season. My family has always believed to just stay at home and reflect.

Anyway, I'm home bound for the whole Holy week so I decided to review one of my new fave foundation...

Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover Cover Powder Foundation

Majolica Majorca is the Shiseido for the younger group. With its mother brand already proved a lot in the luxurious cosmetic world, you know what you can get with Majolica Majorca! -With it's more affordable items and irresistible lovely packaging, every girl deserves to get their hands on Majo Majo!

*** The lady consultant in SM Megamall Dept. Store was super nice! She was so nice to even teach me everything: from how to put the the pan in the case, to even applying the primer (which I didn't even buy), foundations up to concealers (which unfortunately Majo Majo don't have yet, but the lady said "the foundation has very good coverage to cover imperfections so no need for a concealer) I was truly amazed since I rarely encounter happy, active, friendly SA's lol Addition to that, she even texted me to come over for a FREE make over since Majo Majo Make Up Artist was in the mall. (I was too busy for Finals, so yeah, I wasn't able to come)

The design is really eye-catchy, the prettiest and flashiest I've had so far. Its something you would like to show off in ladies powder room. It's made of plastic though. Better be careful, the case seems really flimsy to me. It doesn't look that sturdy and might easily crack when it falls from a height.

The case costs PHP 450.00 (*Foundation refill and the case are sold separately)

Shades are only limited to 4 - BO10, BO20, OC10, OC20. (BO for Beige Ochre is more yellowish and Ochre for OC, for pink undertones) To be honest, I find the range of shades pretty normal, probably because the first time I get to know make ups more was when I was in Japan, and this is what I would usually see. Meanwhile, Most of us here are used to Western's wide range of shades like that of MAC and even some locally produced cosmetics have wide range of shades to choose from also.

I got OC10, the lightest in Ochre. It suits my skin tone well and looks natural on me. The SA is really the best talaga! :) She even asked and noticed that I'm oily, people in MAC didnt. (or probably he just forgot to) so the Majo Majo SA handed me the lightest since she knew that foundations, most of the time, turns darker on me. I should have asked her name, my bad. :(

The foundation itself costs Php 895.00 (will save you money bec. all you have to buy next time is a refill)

The powder is well-milled, very fine and silky.

Light to medium coverage.
Wet the sponge for heavy coverage.

Not matte nor dewy finish but gives out a very healthy-looking natural glow.
Very smooth and flawless finish (I usually use my Sigma F80 in applying)
Less visible pores.

Lasting Power
Lasts pretty well on my oily face even if its not that matte. Its fades out pretty decently (which what I really prefer, not most foundations do this on my face)

- DOES NOT CAKE (I love layering too much)
- has SPF18 for sun protection
- doesn't feel heavy at all!
- no weird smell
- pretty decent staying power (but not that superb)
- 10grams can last you long
- great to use as a foundation itself and even as setting powder for liquid makeups or BB creams since it really has very fine well-milled texture

- not much oil control, if you're terribly oily, don't forget to use oil control primer.
- limited shades

That's a wrap darlings!~ :)
I'll leave you some photos of me goofing around lol wearing Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover foundation,

And before I forgot...

If you remember, I won in an online giveaway right? Last April 2, I received the package from Malaysia already! Yay! :) Will definitely post about them in details soon! :)

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