Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Mist Review

by - Sunday, June 10, 2012

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For today's review, we will be talking about another from Etude House's Dr. Oil Solution line.


Dr. Oil Solution: Anti-Shine Mist (Php 298)
60ml Portable oil-control facial mist supplies moisture and powder to subdue oily shine and preserve makeup integrity. Oil-free formula void of Talc and Paraben.
NOTE: I'm about to hit the very bottom of the bottle by the time I'm writing this review. Bought this some time last year and have served me long enough. Yes, the images below are old ones.


How to use
Shake well before using. Spray with 15-20cm distance from the face. Before foundation makeup application, spray mist over facial surface to improve makeup effect and durability.


I always use this as a primer before putting my BB cream/makeup on. It's not one of the best oil-controlling mist but somehow it does help in improving the overall look of my makeup. I don't know the exact thing, but believe me, there's always a huge difference when you put primers on before putting your makeup! :) It somehow makes the blending and gliding effortless. I love how my makeup and/or BB cream look when I'm wearing a primer than when I just directly put my makeup on. And aside from that, probably if you're not as terribly oily as me, oil-controlling mists (used as a primer) like this will do great on you.

- great as a makeup primer
- makes foundations/BB creams glide smoothly
- subdue oily shine
- I love that it comes as a mist/spray rather than the serum-like ones that I had to put on my face directly with fingers. I don't think my brushes can do the job for me.

- it does subdue shine but only for a very limited time
- my makeup would still fade away even if it promises improved makeup longevity
- not so good oil control (for a very humid country like the Philippines)
- the spray bottle does not function very well



To be honest, I'm still planning of getting myself another bottle, I JUST REALLY CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MAKEUP PRIMERS! I love that this primer is in mist form since it's easier to use and the spreading of the product onto the face is hassle-less. Aside from that, as much as possible I refrain from using my fingers in putting products on my face because our fingers can add up to the oil secretion, and also to avoid dirt from touching our skin that can lead to break outs.

I'll definitely ditch this mist if ever I get to discover a BETTER primer mist :) Any suggestion?

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