Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder Review

by - Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello lovely, here's another long due post. First off, I want to share a story regarding Palgantong. I first saw Palgantong back in Japan, when I was reading a Japanese teen magazine (I believe it was Popteen) where Kumicky was having this makeup tutorial including the products she was religiously using.

I dunno it it was just me but the name was really not that attractive for me. I tried to follow the makeup tutorial by buying some of the products that hit me, EXCEPT THIS. Besides, it was really difficult for me to look for the said brand because I was not even sure if "Palgantong" was even a Japanese word or what, there, I just had to forget about it.

Until one day, while on my way home, I dropped by a mall near the train station and finally saw it personally, and ugh~ I hated it even more! I hated its overall look, its plain and simple, not the kind of simplicity that is sleek and sophisticated, it was not like that, its the other way around. I honestly found the packaging cheap. Then there was a tester, and it looked super messy, I just couldn't imagine having it in my makeup kit.

But that was all false first impression. I was already here in the Philippines when I saw this again online. Silly as it may sound, but the store description really got me. I gave in, in just a snap!

Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder
Palgantong Makeup Theatrical Powder in Original Beige + freebie

Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder

The #1 Finishing Powder in Japan and in Korea!

(according to online description) Palgantong Theatrical Powder from Korea is made of Ceramin Ingredient from UK. The size of particles is just half of other particles. It reflects light, evens out the texture and skin tone, and still makes your makeup look natural and effortless. Truly a wonder product!
Lightweight and comfortable, Palgantong Theatrical Powder brightens your skin just like Movie Star. So, it is also called 'Star Powder' in Japan and Korea. With over 5,000,000 units sold in Japan. This loose powder is also a big favorite among Korean movie stars.
Palgantong loose powder is said to be originally made for actors and performers. Since 1999, this hit product, has been selling to non-entertainers as well. It also recorded 600 million selling products from 2002 to 2006 in critical Japan cosmetic market. Stunning Export of 200 thousand to JAPAN annually!
Yeah! I tried to get every descriptions available as much as I can just so I can get you give into the temptation too, kidding!

Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder
Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder comes with a puff. I usually apply the powder by patting it on my skin with the use of the puff.

Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder
Sealed neatly. I love how they come up with Japanese and English translations. Yay for that!

Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder
And this is how the powder looks.

- super fine texture
- matte and velvety (this!!!)
- unbelievably perfect/flawless, healthy-looking finish (super love!)
- really makes pores a lot less visible
- no caking
- goes on translucent, so it matches my skin tone perfectly
- super lightweight, doesn't feel like I'm wearing something
- no weird nor strong scent

- the packaging haha! I don't know but their packaging is really not that eye-catchy. But yeah, who cares, its the quality that matters.
- since this is a loose powder, it can get a bit messy compared to compact powders
- price might seem a bit steep for a loose powder (especially if you're a drugstore makeup fan, but compared to high-end brands and the QUALITY, this is really a must buy!) *should I really put this in Cons? Hahaha
- not available locally


I'm definitely repurchasing again! Nothing has come to beat Palgantong Theatrical Makeup Powder (for me) so far!! This product really is magic!

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