MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Price and Review

by - Sunday, July 08, 2012

I've always been a 'powder foundation' person. I fantasize that porcelain doll-like matte finish. But I hate that heavy, mask-like feeling most liquid and cream foundations give to my face (probably because I'm oily). With that, powder foundations have always been my best friend!


I bought this November last year and boy, I dunno why I'm only sharing this to you just now. THIS IS A MUST HAVE. My Holy Grail powder foundation!


Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation 15g  (Php 1,700)

MAC has always been good in choosing the right design for its products. I love how they always come up with simple but sophisticated packaging. The foundation is contained in a black, sturdy plastic container with silver/metallic font.


(+ sponge included)

Hygienic-wise, the sponge is in a separate compartment. I advise using brushes instead as sponges are prone to dirt and oil. As for my preference, I use my Sigma Flat Top Brush when applying this foundation.

MAC has the shades for everyone. They have a great color selection to choose from, makeup artists and enthusiasts even play with different tones and shades to achieve that perfect match. MAC also has a great selection of yellow-based foundations which suits Pinay skin tones. And with the help of a MAC representative in Shangri-la, I luckily got the perfect match for my skin.

Most makeup counters have different lighting, some are a bit dim compared to natural light. I suggest trying the foundation just around your jaw area and then try to walk inside and outside the mall (especially during daytime). This will give you an idea on how a certain shade will look on you under a certain lighting.

High-end brands don't come cheap, so it really safe to always try them out or consulting a representative before finally purchasing the foundation.

Finely milled and velvety! Nothing to complain.

Medium to full coverage. I use this both as a foundation itself and as a setting powder (the texture is very fine). This powder already has a good coverage so building it with a liquid base underneath may feel heavy for some people though.

You can come up with a natural look up to that fully made up doll look depending on the application.
In my case, I always use this with my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki with medium coverage to cover up imperfections. It covers my huge pores very well too. The coverage gives a flawless perfect-looking skin! I do not even use concealers anymore when I'm using this since a single swipe or two is enough to even out my skin tone.

SUPER Matte Doll-looking finish which I super freaking love. I believe that this can be a little too drying for people with combination or totally dry skin. I am oily so I'm not complaining.

Lasting Power
This stays perfectly on me for 5 hours tops. After that my face is no longer (flat) matte but it's okay since MAC Mac Studio Fix Powder+ Foundation fades away beautifully. It gives my face a healthy glow when I'm starting to oil up. Plus it doesn't leave me with awful streaks and marks when it's starting to fade off.

What I like About Mac Studio Fix Powder+ Foundation?
  • NO SPF hence no white cast on flash photography
  • decent staying power
  • can be used both as a foundation itself and as a setting powder
  • doesn't feel heavy upon application
  • wide range of shades
  • available locally
  • sets and fades with a nice glow after a few hours
  • good coverage and a little goes a long way
  • super fine, velvety texture
What I don't like About i?
  • NO SPF means no sun protection!
  • feels a bit sticky when you start to secrete oil
  • made some people broke out*
  • prone to caking so I suggest using this sparingly
  • prone to accentuating dry skin
  • steep price for PHP 1,700 as of 2012 (especially for a student like me)
  • MAC Philippines seems to mark up their prices yearly, as of 2015, this one sells for PHP 1,900 already*

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