THE FACE SHOP Changpo Magic Straight & Keratin Intensive Shampoo Review

by - Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Face Shop Keratin Intensive Shampoo
Bought this two bottles of awesomeness summer of this year. I swear to these two babies, they really helped in taming my dry, frizzy damaged hair (which I got from too much hair coloring).

The Face Shop Keratin Intensive Shampoo
TOP VIEW - digging that leaf-shaped cap of the Keratin Intensive Shampoo :)

First off, The Keratin Intensive Shampoo 300ml which retails for Php 445.00.
Perfect hair care that repairs the damage of dyes, perms and environmental factors that cause brittleness and split ends
  • Formulated with phytokeratin to replenish lost keratin in damaged hair leaving it stronger and healthier.
  • Aloe extracts relieves the scalp stress that causes hair damage.
  • A silk protein derivative repairs damaged hair for added silkiness, bounce and sheen.
  • A coconut derived surfactant gently washes away hair and scalp debris.
- The Face Shop
The Face Shop Keratin Intensive Shampoo
The Face Shop Keratin Intensive Shampoo

I doubt this comes in smaller bottles. The 300ml bottle has served me long enough, 4 months I believe. It didn't do a big of a magic, but it worked well with the Changpo Magic Straight Conditioner and helped in taming my frizzy hair.

My hair is still not at its best yet but a lot of people noticed the difference of my hair before (especially last year, when it was in its worst state ever) versus my hair now. In terms of the smell, it has this familiar scent, most probably the smell of some of the shampoos I've tried in Japan. It's mild though, and tolerable. Yes, unfortunately the price is really steep for a shampoo.

Next on the list is Changpo Magic Straight Conditioner 300ml - Php 355.00
The Face Shop Changpo Magic Straight
The Face Shop Changpo Magic Straight
Replenish the moisture in your hair for greater manageability, silkiness and shine.
  • Moisturizes and calms dry, shaggy hair
  • Silicone complex and oils coat hair strand by strand to provide superior protection against the elements
- The Face Shop
Okay, if you can notice, the bottle's label is almost peeling off, this is because this is actually my used-up bottle. I'm done with the 300ml for almost a month, or just less than a month I think. Oops! Sorry but I really have huge thick hair and I consume lots of conditioner because my hair is terribly dry and my scalp, I don't know, but it dries fast too.

I SWEAR! I really love this conditioner so much! It smells exceptionally good, and it makes my hair soft and it really brings life to it.

Although its named "Magic Straight" please be aware that this can not give you an instant "rebonded/super straight" hair in a just a snap. This is more like a conditioner that really conditions your hair! Haha!

And not all conditioner have done that to my used-to-be untamed hair. Haha!
Again, it does not magically straighten your hair. My hair still get frizzy now and then, especially whenever I go to school in Manila, where pollution is the biggest problem.

BUT BUT BUT -- it tamed my hair, made it soft and it smells absolutely nice! So I purchased again.

The Face Shop Changpo Magic Straight
My only concern about this product is the price and the amount haha! I mean P355 is still too much for a conditioner especially for a student. But seriously if you think about the quality, it's really worth it guys!

And for the content of 300ml, it is already a big amount I know. However in my case, who got this long thick hair, economizing 300ml in one whole month is a big challenge. Haha!

And oh another thing before I end this post, I also heard about Changpo Magic Straight SHAMPOO and TREATMENT, but unfortunately never I have seen them both, everrrrrr!!~ They are probably ALWAYS out of stock, because even this one sell like hotcakes too! Have other treatment shampoo/conditioner in mind? Let me know. :)

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