REVIEW: Battle of the BB Creams

by - Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello everyone! :)

I got a long queue of overdue reviews more particularly of BB creams which is an item I'm really excited and looking forward to review. And yes, I've decided to make a review of the BB creams I have -in one post! :) I know it won't be as thorough as my usual reviews, but I promise to do an individual post for each soon! Yay! :)

Lets get started!

[Updated January 13, 2016]
(from L ~ R:) Lioele Triple the Solution,
Etude House Precious Mineral All-day Strong Silky Skin,
Missha M Perfect Cover No.23,
Baviphat BB Magic Girls Plus BB cream for Oily Skin,
Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB (for oily/troubled skin),
Maybelline Pure BB Mineral BB base,
Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream,
Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions HOT PINK,
Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions Vita ORANGE bb cream

PS: BB creams with links are already reviewed! :)

We'll divide the BB creams according to these categories:
sheerness/thicknesswhiteness, gray cast (pink undertone), yellow undertone and dispenser (container/packaging). These are the things I consider when buying BB creams.


Korean BB creams usually come thick in texture, and the old-school ones or the previous formulas are even balmier in texture hence the name blemish/beblesh 'BALM'. Since the balmy thick texture can sometimes feel a tad heavier on skin, over the years different companies tried introducing BB creams that are a little diluted and more fluid-like in nature.

I super loved Maybelline Pure BB Mineral (8 in 1 improving BB base) SPF26/PA+++, back when my skin was sort of free from acne scars or redness, this is my main go-to bb cream, which is also I used as base. (then topping it off with a fine foundation powder).

This is my second tube actually (from Japan), then I was almost running out of it, so I tried looking for it here in Manila, not sure if it was just out of stock or was discontinued as I never got to see this again in malls, sigh.

Thats when I got my hands on Maybelline CLEAR Smooth (8 in 1 Skin transformer) BB cream SPF26/PA+++ in 01 Fresh.

Fresh is the lightest color from its two shade line, but it is still a tad bit darker than Maybelline Pure BB Mineral (8 in 1 improving BB base) SPF26/PA+++. Both of these variants are completely light in texture and sheer. I do not recommend this if you got lots of redness to conceal. But if you're looking for something that doesn't feel heavy on the face, then this is a good choice.


These are my BB creams that are totally very light in color. They could make me look totally terrible and ghostly in photos.

The Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions Vita ORANGE BB cream for example has the highest amount of SPF among my collection, it has notable SPF50+! I still do wear it regularly though as it has nice spf protection and it adapts to my skin tone nice enough -due to its yellow undertones. The catch is I have to put on the darkest powder in my kit to tone down the whiteness.

Etude House Precious Mineral All-day Strong Silky Skin - I find it too risky to wear on a daily basis due to its lightness in shade. If my memory serves me correctly, its the lightest in color in All-day Strong line because it is intended for oily skin.

Oily skinned and acidic people benefit best from makeups that are one shade lighter than their actual skin tone. The idea behind is that acidic skin tend to make foundations look darker or orangey after.

I've never tried taking a photo yet while wearing Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB, but the very last time I used it, it gave me this powdery finish that I hate, plus its super white too. The only thing I'm thankful for this bb cream is that it doesn't have lots of pink undertones (no pale grayish cast) and it's super matte, it dries up fast.

PS: As of writing, Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream has a new line called 'Bright Fit' a new and improved version.


Gray cast (pink undertones)

And speaking of gray cast, Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream in No.23 is the first to hit my mind! No.23 is the darkest of the available shades, also touted as 'Natural Beige' but it really never matched my yellowish skintone. During application, it just seem ashy, and turns even more darker than my skin tone after. Epic fail shade match!

Performance wise, this product has won raves from users. I can not attest to its some claims yet (like skin tone lightening, healing visible wrinkles, anti-aging, etc.,) but coverage/concealing-wise this is good indeed. I will surely give this baby another try!

If you're a BB cream fanatic like me, sure the Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions HOT PINK will never miss your list. Even though it's included here in the pink undertones category which I consider a con, this is actually one of my fave, highly recommended and overly used BB creams! It's a bit ashy-looking during application but it surely tones down after a short while, almost matching my skin tone! And it has nice coverage too. I love it guys, promise.


Yellow undertones
Yay! :D This quality is my most searched for!

Korean BB creams, most especially the old-school ones were usually thick and very grayish in color, or what most people call pink undertone. The ones with pink undertone of course do not adjust to my skin color very well. So the advent of these yellow undertoned BB creams is really heaven-sent.

I love Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream for this! It's one of those rare BB creams that looks perfect on my Filipino skin, thus more natural-looking. It's intended for oily skin but it is not dull and flat and it gives out a very nice glow too! Good Job!

Another darling of my collection is the Baviphat BB Magic Girls Plus BB cream for Oily Skin. It's even yellower than Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream and a little watery in nature hence easier application.

I used to use Baviphat everyday, but just recently, I heard that the company filed a sort of bankruptcy report thingy and rumors are circulating that the company might shut their stores down in S.Korea soon. I yet have to confirm this but please tell me it's not true. I love baviphat!

Pump Dispenser
BB creams are known for their pump dispenser, some for functioning perfectly while some for being a total mess. Meh?
  • Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream
  • Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream and
  • Etude House Precious Mineral All-day Strong BB cream
have the usual pump dispenser I get to see for most BB creams. Among these 3, Lioele Triple the solution has the nicest pump ever, the other two are just so-so. Sometimes they work just fine, sometimes they don't feel like being nice to me. Haha! Kidding aside,
Speaking of nice pump dispenser, Skin79 has the most stylish container and dispenser ever! And I kid you not, their pumps works perfectly! A single press gives out just the right amount, no product goes to waste here. Plus you can easily control the amount you want to use.


NO PUMP DISPENSER BB CREAMS! /Ugh! Spillage galore!

While the Maybelline BB creams having nozzle tip rather than pump dispenser isn't big of a deal.

The use of Baviphat BB Magic Girls Plus BB cream for Oily Skin and Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB is really a pain in the back! I remember using them, both ended up with lots of product wasted because you really can not control the amount going out of the tube. Putting some of the excess on my neck did not even solve the problem. Those wasted drops of beauty! Those~

Shades and Swatches

As you can see, Missha M Perfect Cover and Skin79 Hot Pink label have the most grayish undertones, whereas Baviphat BB Magic Girls is the most yellow and the nearest to my skin tone.



Hope this round up BB cream review has been helpful for you. I'm still on the look for worthy BB creams out there, if you know one kindly let me know in the comment box. Thank you :)


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  1. I tried several of that BB Creams like Missha M Perfect Cover No.23, Lioele Triple the Solution, Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB, Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions HOT PINK and the Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Functions Vita ORANGE but my favorite is the Holika Holika Clearing Petit because is perfect for my oily skin.

    1. Hi Raimar! I'm starting to like Holika Holika Clearing Petit too, I now appreciate its powdery matte finish though I still find it too white for me. :(

  2. could you tell me please if the Lioele Triple The Solution is darker than the Baviphat BB Magic Girls?

    1. I wouldn't say darker. I loved this two BB creams and I'm around NC30-35 in MAC. I would say Baviphat is more yellowish tone making it a bit darker-looking than Lioele.


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