I Won in Online Giveaway. Not Once, But Twice!

by - Tuesday, June 05, 2012

So yeah! :) I have just finished moving my blogspot posts here in Tumblr. Yesterday night I can not access my blog for some odd reasons (it warned that the page has malware and cannot be viewed) so the usual panicking me, hurriedly backed up my posts here in Tumblr. Whew!

I'm still in the midst of hiatus hangover so I won't do (in the meantime) anything, from my watermarks, to a good introduction per se, etc.
On the brighter side, I WON IN AN ONLINE GIVEAWAY TWICE! *dances* I know right? I can't believe it too. It was so magical. I tried joining giveaways locally but unfortunately... never won. I never thought online giveaways are real lol really! I just thought they're plain promotions and stuff like that.

*** From Malaysia


I won a pair of graded/prescription lens and a facial mask.
Suuuper cute case! This is the cutest lens case Ive ever had, really! ^^;



Yes, believe it or not. After I got home from claiming my package from our city's post office, I then checked my account and received a notice that I've just won in one of another international giveaway contests I joined, this time from Hongkong.

** from Hongkong

I've been to Hongkong, and SASA is one of the leading cosmetics retailing group in Hongkong, Ooops! Not only in Hongkong, BUT IN ASIA!!!♥ You'll see a lot of Sasa stores in Hongkong, Singapore and Macau. And trust me, it's heaven! And.. It's PINK!

It's like Philippines' Watsons but oozing with more lovely beauty/cosmetics products from around the globe.

Yes, they even sell Korean and Japanese products too!
Speaking of Japanese cosmetics, I got a limited edition Dollywink eyeliner. :)

Dollywink is a famous Japanese cosmetics line produced by famous Popteen model Tsubasa Masuwaka.

(via Instagram) no decent photo since I was too giddy-giddy receiving it! Hahaha ;)


And a message, sweet! :>
That's it! :) Thank you for reading! ;)

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