ETUDE HOUSE Face Masks Review (Tea Tree, White Pearl and Lemon)

by - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh, look who's back and doing beauty blog posts again. Yay! :)

Anyway, today I went out to buy my usual monthly necessities, well mostly toiletries, as well as two pairs of shoes + socks for school which will start in late June. Upon going home, I also decided to drop by my favourite beauty haven, Etude House, to buy a set of AC Pink Powder Spot (my fave, you know it) as i've been suffering from a huge cystic acne breakout, eww.

Unfortunately, the Pink Powder Spot is currently out of stock, but I didn't want to go home empty-handed so I bought the following masks, yipee! :)

I got 3 pieces of Tea Tree Masks, 1 White Pearl for brightening and 1 Lemon Mask for tone clarifying. I personally love anything with Tea Tree, I regularly buy facial cleansers and moisturizers with Tea Tree oil/extract in it, as it is very good for troubled/acne prone and oily skin. :)

Lemon Mask - which is good for toning your skin. Lemons are also good in brightening dark spots too, btw :)

White Pearl - for brightening complexion *Lemon and White Pearl Mask Sheet will be reviewed too, soon.*
And last but not the least,

Tea Tree -  for troubled skin.

Long before, Tea Tree has been traditionally used as antiseptic and anti-fungal treatment. Many products in the market intended for acne, gum diseases, infections and even dandruff use Tea Tree as either one or their main ingredient.

I, myself have tried products with Tea Tree oil in them and I swear to these products, they're really helpful in clearing out blemishes from your skin. I would advise using products with Tea Tree to clear out blemishes and/or acne, instead of anything with "benzoyl peroxide" because as per experience, the latter would usually leave you hyper pigmentation/dark spots/scars.

== Short Review ==

I used one of the three Tea Tree Sheets tonight. The material/fabric used in this mask seems sturdy and doesn't easily tear apart. The size is just right. (I've worn masks that are too big for my face.)

It did moisturize. I can't say anything about acne/spots clearing just yet. But overall I loved and enjoyed the experience. Felt nothing weird. Not itchy at all.

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