MAYBELLINE White Superfresh Foundation Review

by - Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's been a while since my last blog post. I was so busy with school that I literally had no time to review products that I purchased to (supposedly) review after. Luckily, I still have a couple of unfinished products here that I've been using for weeks-months now, they will be the beauty items I will be reviewing in the following weeks or so. Wish me luck! :)

For today's makeup review, We will talk about Maybelline White Superfresh No Touchup Powder Foundation.

Price: Php 299
Shade: Honey 04
Available in most Watsons, and other leading drugstores, supermarkets and department stores nationwide.
I was already running out of powder foundation then. After hitting the pan of my Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One Shine Free Cake Powder (Honey 04), this Maybelline White Superfresh automatically made it to my birthday wishlist. Luckily, my partner generously granted my wishes, and so ta-dah!
MAYBELLINE White Superfresh Foundation is kind of a new and improved version of Clear Smooth (Pink case), it promises longer matte finish, fresh and radiant look, through the help of their new technology that promises to keep away sweat and oil for 12 hours.

The compact feels sturdier compared to its predecessor - which kind of feels flimsy due to its thin plastic case. Maybelline White Superfresh's casing is also made from plastic, however, it feels a bit thicker, and a little heavier, but still portable for everyday use. The white casing also gave it an even more elegant look! :)

Included in the set is a puffy sponge, and breathable sponge holder/container. Maybelline's sponges, although free, are pretty much sturdy and useful. I always use their sponge during emergency quick touchups. Although, I personally prefer using brushes during the initial dolling up process. I like brushing up some powder over my liquid foundation as a setting powder.

What I love about MAYBELLINE White Superfresh Foundation is that the powder is really finely milled, it doesn't feel cheap and chalky considering the price, although I still wish I can work on this using a brush as I usually do with most of my powder foundations.

Because what I notice is, any of my powder brushes just couldn't pick up the product, I tried both the swirling motion (this technique literally wastes the product) and the 'just-dabbing' motion to get the powder from the pan, the powder, as fine as it is, just falls off my brush, it's like almost all the product just went off.

Overall, this is an excellent product considering the price. :) It pretty much suits our climate here in the Philippines as it gets really warm in here even during the rainy season and even -Ber months. (I know, right?!)

Just do not put too much as this tends to get cakey when layered up. Also, since this is designed to mattify the face, it can also emphasize dry spots, in my case, it was my drying up/about to heal pimples that were emphasized.

As for the longevity, (for an acidic and oily person like me) the matte effect stays on longer than the usual, maybe 3-5 hours perhaps? but I did notice some quick slide off especially when I sweat.

This is available in 4 shades by the way,
02 Nude Beige
03 Natural
04 Honey and
05 Sand Beige

PS: I'm not sure though if these shades is exactly the same with what Clear Smooth offers, I believe the shades come in same names but I'm not sure if I just got tanner (due to commuting), however I find that White Superfresh's Honey 04 is a bit lighter than Clear Smooth's. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks! :)

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