K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank Review

by - Saturday, November 07, 2015

K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

For today's makeup review, we will be talking about an eye makeup product from one of my trusted and favourite Japanese makeup brands, K-palette. :)

Asian countries like S. Korea and Japan have this beauty trend on putting either shimmery light-colored to white eyeliners or eyeshadows directly under the eye, not only because a.) this does create an illusion of bigger eyes, BUT ALSO b.) this somehow helps in brightening up the area, gone are the dark circles, as well as c.) it gives the appearance of younger and friendlier-looking eyes.

I, too have quite small chinky eyes, but what applies best to me are letters b and c. My eyes can look unattractively piercing and scary, it makes me look as if I am always looking for a fight or something haha!

So aside from my fave black eyeliners, white/shimmery liners like K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank has always been part of my makeup staple.

K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank (in Elegant Beige) is double-ended, on one end contains a finely milled shimmering pearl powder + applicator, while on the other end is a brush containing 3 key beauty essences namely Hyaluronic acid (for moisture), Collagen (younger-looking skin), and Polyglutamic acid, which honestly I am not familiar with, however, according to my research - it is also a famous skin conditioning nutrient contained in most Japanese cosmetics. (if you have eaten native Japanese food, you're also probably aware of the food Natto. Natto is said to be a good source of PGA as well.)

K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

Waterproof.  Aside from the beauty essences included, K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank also promises to last throughout the day. It is also under K-pallete's 1-Day Tattoo line.

Cute shades to choose from. K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank is available in 2 variants, 01 Glamorous Pink and 02 Elegant Beige. In Elegant Beige, the color is somewhat a muted version of gold.

K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

Rating: 3/5

While I love most shimmering liners like this, Elegant Beige is still too light not only for my liking but also for my skintone. When my eyebags are extremely dark after an all nighter, K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank somewhat fails to camouflage it, instead it somehow emphasizes the tiredness of my eyes due to its lightness in color. I guess, if they come up with an even darker shade that will suit Filipina skintone then I might change my mind and repurchase.

Overall, it is a good product, if you're lighter than me, prolly NC30 and higher, then this one and even the pink one (Glamorous Pink) will suit you. Thank you for reading! :)

Sources: http://www.natto.or.jp/english/kenkou/nattokin/nat05.html and http://cosmetics.specialchem.com/inci/polyglutamic-acid


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