Where to Buy Affordable Art Supplies in Manila

by - Wednesday, November 11, 2015

UPDATED Oct 2016: I noticed that some of my website traffic are coming from this post, this was just supposed to be a random blab/advice for a friend but since it's getting some love and attention from you guys, I thought of updating the post by adding some photos (from google maps), hope it'll be useful. Thanks!
Today's advice: "Years wrinkle the skin; but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul." - Anon.

Recently, I have just received a surprising message from one of my friends, she's not taking an art-related course like mine but she's been exceptionally enthusiastic about it. So when she asked me things about where to score affordable but quality art supplies, a question which I always get from neighbors and friends by the way. I knew I had to share it! :)

So here's where you can buy cheap but quality art supplies.

Image via Google Maps | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jomars-Art-Supplies-161962940845147/

Jomar's - They have 2 famous branches in Manila, one being just beside the old building of FEU East Asia College, just behind the 7-Eleven convenience store in Lerma; and their bigger and I believe their main branch, is located near UST in Manila in P. Noval street, just after the little food stores there and before reaching Starbucks.

They have mostly everything from pencils, pens, paints, brushes, etc. This is where I usually buy illustration boards (Delta, Sonoma and Berkeley) and other art materials. I also purchased my silk screen and squeegee from Jomar's during our silk screen printing class.

They also sell drafting tables, markers and almost everything you need in Architecture. The last time I was looking for markers, I saw that they also sell Finecolour markers which I've mistaken as Copics.

Image via Google Maps

Joyce's - if you are, or were an art student or an architect, an art enthusiast perhaps? Chances are you've probably heard the 3 J-art stores. So yeah, this is the second one on the list.

As far as I know, they only have one branch and that is located just beside Jomar's UST branch. Walk pass the carinderias and you'll see Joyce's art store. The store is pretty small, so they can't really show a lot, but don't be fooled as this store is also a goldmine for many cheap art finds, just learn to always inquire about what you need.

What I got here? I purchased yards of pellon cloth in here and a couple of fabric paints.

Image via Google Maps

Joli's - last but not the least in our J-list, the famous, and one-stop store for the fine arts and arki's? Joli's! They are located a few blocks away from Joyce's and Jomar's and just beside the condominium in P. Noval street that houses Starbucks.

What I got here? A lot. My first huge art pouch/case is from Joli's, as well as some pens and pencils, sketch pads, watercolor paper, paints, brushes, plexiglass, etc. name it and they got it. Sometimes, their art items are even more complete and unique than National's. Speaking of unique, I said so because sometimes the items that you thought were only available abroad are actually available in Joli's, you just got to ask.

This store has also been a haven for students taking up Architecture & Engineering, as Joli's has almost everything you need for a scale model or whatnot. I couldn't keep track of all the incredible items we purchased in here, but trust me it's really an art supply haven.

Just always keep your cool as the place, though air-conditioned, is always jam-packed hence it can really get too warm inside plus payment line can get too long as well.

Image via Google Maps | Website: http://enriquezartsupplies.com/

Enriquez - If you're looking for items pretty much painting-centered then you must check out M. Enriquez Art Supply. They are located in C.M Recto Avenue, Loyola St. in Manila. It is just above Super 8 Grocery which is a couple of blocks beside Jollibee - UE.

The last time I got here, they were still fixing and organizing items as they've just moved from their previous place, so there's only little I could tell.

What I got here? I purchased a couple of canvas from here, and some acrylic paints. During our painting classes, whenever we were asked to paint on huge canvases which requires a couple of huge tubes of acrylic and oil paints too, our professors would advise us to check out M. Enriquez store since they sell these items cheaper.

Image via Google Maps | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Deovir-Art-Supplies-89166168251/

Deovir - aside from Jomar's and Joli's, Deovir is one of my go-to art supplies haven. They're as big and complete as Joli's and they offer international brands that you probably thought aren't readily available here. The branches I often visit in Manila are their Cartimar branch in Recto (near the Pasig-Quiapo FX Terminal) and the one on the other end which is just across Isetann, and is near the underpass.

What I got here? A lot. I even got a plywood here for my painting class when we were asked to paint on a flat wood instead of a canvas; I also got some of my fabric paints here, acrylics, branded brushes, some sand paper, a canister, huge bristol boards and whatnots.

For some students, the price can be pretty much spendy compared to J-shops, but it's still cheaper and affordable compared to big known bookstores, besides, Deovir offers art items that are unique to the shop and can't be found anywhere else.

What you'll love about Deovir is the fact that they really make way to reach their market. As of writing, they have 5 branches in the metro already. And one of my favourites, and my 'emergency' branch when I'm cramming and got no time to brave that almost 2-hour ride to Manila, I just drop by their latest branch which is located at the 5th floor of SM Megamall in Ortigas. And oh, they also have facebook!

And that's pretty much it! :) If you have another artsy haven in mind that you want to include, feel free to drop a comment. Thank you for reading!

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