Food: My Vikings Megamall Experience

by - Friday, December 25, 2015

In line with this month's festivity, my partner and I decided to dine at Vikings Megamall. Yipee!

We've been planning to eat here since God-knows when. My partner and I are both food enthusiasts in a way that we're always thrilled to try new restaurants, however, I think I somewhat belong to the bad eaters group as I tend to be a little picky haha so yes I think you can already tell that I was really not a frequent goer of eat-all-you-can buffets. (Feeling ko kasi lugi ako haha) Well.... It all changed BECAUSE OF VIKINGS! Haha

You may have dined here for a couple of times but I hope you can bear with my eureka moment *winks* but if you're a newbie like me, let me show you why you should dine here next time.

We usually see Vikings Megamall packed with diners inside and walk-in customers waiting outside. To avoid long queues, we decided to go online for a reservation (Click here). I advise you to do the same since available seats run out fast - so fast that seats get booked up until the very next week. And so we were only able to dine there a week later after boyfriend's real birthday, it's fine though. We'll book early next time.

Reservation confirmation at the reception was easy peasy. The staffs are commendable, they are truly nice, super friendly and approachable. They reminded me of The Manila Pen's staffs, literally, high class treatment.

We opted for a dinner buffet (P888 + service charge) since we had to attend a meeting in Global City. We arrived at around 5pm and confirmed our reservation right after. You'll be given a number after which, so be sure to arrive early.

Vikings offers exciting promos especially if you come in groups and if you celebrate your birthday in that day/month.

My favorite area of the bunch, Dessert Station. 

I think it's nice when you're one of the first diners to get inside the vicinity. Since they do not let customers enter inside all at once, the first few customers, including us, not only were able to roam around freely, I was also able to snap some photos while the food styling was still perfectly untouched. 

I dunno about you, but the OCD in me squeaked like crazy while checking out everything, the food, the chairs, lighting, all in perfect harmony. I kid you not! 

Station serving mostly cold food - mostly salad, spring roll, etc.

From the entrance on the left side showcases Chinese food, different pizzas, and pastas. I truly enjoyed the pizza, and the pasta with meat balls most especially. They even have a DIY Pizza here. Geez, I wish I return and get more from this area. I guess I stuffed myself with too much red velvet slices and other sweets that I wasn't able to try other food. Definitely trying that make your own pizza next time.

From the Chinese Station, I liked the Pork Leg which I think will be perfect if eaten with rice.

On the right side is where the Korean and Japanese food are served. There was also a Grill station where you can choose food like Lamb chops, tuna, or pork to be grilled and be served right on your table. Yep, no need to wait, the staff will do the grilling for you and you can go back to your buffet roaming again. Tadah! Next thing you'll know the grilled food is now on your table waiting for you.

Drinks station is in the middle area in front of Sweets (crepe, ice cream, choco fountain). I think they have at least 8-10 variety of drinks there, I was only able to try one though as I got super addicted to it already - the Lemongrass infused tea, it tasted so incredibly good I would probably still be getting it the next time we dine there.

Words cannot express how much I love Vikings' food, and how much I love them even more when I entered their restroom! It was very clean, spacious, no pungent smell, plenty of mirrors for makeup retouching and whatnot.

Maybe it's just me, but I judge a restaurant according to their restrooms, I can't help but think: if the management couldn't push its staff to maintain the cleanliness of their vicinity, let alone their restroom (which is a necessity), how can I guarantee that the food they're serving me is clean too? Again, OCD. Haha

Well, Vikings Megamall, did a great job here!!!! :)

Caption this! Haha (on the photo are lamb chop's leftover bones, sushi, squid, and pork leg adobo I guess)

Am I the only one who truly believes that Bubblegum-flavored ice cream is the best thing that ever happened in the history of ice creams? Please tell me you agree. I LOVE BUBBLEGUM (blue) ICE CREAM! When I learned that they have bubblegum ice cream I told myself, "I'm definitely going back!".

(on the photo: Merengue, Strawberry cake, Coffee jelly, Blueberry cheese cake, Fruit salad, Bubblegum + Strawberry + Cookies n' Cream ice cream combo) WINNER! 

Will I dine here again? Definitely!
Food: 9/10
Place: 10/10          (space, lighting, sounds, etc.)
Treatment: 10/10    (no hassle reservation, friendly accommodating staff)
Cleanliness: 10/10

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