K-palette Zero Kuma Concealer in Natural Beige Review

by - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

K-palette Zero Kuma Concealer in Natural Beige review

Dark circles or dark eye bags is one of the most noticeable unattractive facial blotches one will agree that must be corrected, if not, hidden. Well, at least for me! Haha

I can deal with obvious pimple marks here and there, but not with dark circles. Dark circles do not only make you appear older, but it can also make you seem sick and sulky. And sometimes, it can even make you look grumpy and unapproachable too.

And we don't want any of that. So here's K-palette Zero Kuma Concealer (Php 795) to the rescue!

K-palette Zero Kuma Concealer in Natural Beige review
K-palette Zero Kuma Concealer Type 1/Natural Beige is a heavy coverage concealer that can hide the darkest of eye bags. It is housed in a squeeze-tube type container and comes in three variants with different shades and purposes. Each formulated to deal to a particular facial imperfection.

For this review, we have the Natural Beige one (Type 1) which is designed to conceal most dark circles. It is formulated with special hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Rose Water.

K-palette Zero Kuma Concealer in Natural Beige review
What I like:
- the shade leans on somewhat yellowish to "salmon" peachy side which does not only suit Filipina skin perfectly, but also compliments the bluish undertone of dark eye circles. (Orange neutralizes and zaps blue).

- a little goes a super long way! It is highly pigmented and covers pretty heavy, I would say it is comparable to concealers intended for deep scars and tattoo due to its heavy coverage.

- just because K-palette Zero Kuma Concealer offers heavy coverage doesn't mean it's hard to blend, it's actually very creamy and glides smoothly on skin.

Use your fingers when blending and try to work on it faster (but still with precision), to prevent it from looking cakey.

- long lasting! It's one of my heavy concealers that last throughout the day even when I sweat or even when I am oily, note that I'm acidic too. It's heavy duty and suitable for a day-long event.

What I don't like:
- If you have a some dry spots in your face, please do note that they can be accentuated more by this concealer.
- if you are the type who's not used to heavy makeups, in this case, heavy concealer, then this is not for you. I can really feel like I have another layer of skin whenever I use this, or maybe it's just me.

Ratings: 3.5/5 stars! While it can be rather expensive, it is indeed a good buy considering its performance. If you are a makeup artist or a chic that is always on the go for special events and whatnot, this is the heavy duty concealer that works. Just don't forget to blend things well then you're good to go! :) I got this during my stay in Japan by the way, you can get yours at any Beauty Bar stores (P795) nationwide.

Have another HG concealer in mind? Let me know so I can try it out too! Thank you for reading. :)


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