HAUL: City Color, Nichido, Beauty Sponge, Biore, LA Colors, Ever Bilena

by - Friday, January 29, 2016

It's been a while since my last haul post, for today's haul I've got a handful of mostly makeup products and a makeup remover.

City Color Cosmetics is fairly a newcomer in the industry and was launched in the US in 2013. They do offer premiere quality makeup products at affordable prices. I yet have to see a legitimate store of them here in Manila, I usually just see their products online and on consignee kiosks of online stores.

I've already tried a couple of items from this brand Nichido, and so far, they didn't disappoint. I'm gonna update you guys how this one fares through one of my love local reviews.

Check my Nichido Lip Liner Review.

Generic makeup/beauty sponge. I've been meaning to try makeup baking, well I think I've done a few stints of it but I kind of believe it's different when you're actually using a beauty sponge, or maybe it's just me? Haha! The popular Beauty Blender sponge will surely cost me a fortune, I'm still at practicing stage so this generic one will suffice for now.

Oh, I love Landmark na talaga! I was in North to meet up with college friends, late lunch and coffee break at dinner time, we love coffee! I was about to go home when I passed by Landmark, it was actually very late but my gut feeling really pushed me to check and swatch items. I've only been there a couple of times but I know Landmark really is a makeup and accessories haven.

I wish we also have Landmark nearby, (Landmark Makati is as far as Landmark Trinoma to me). I squeal (silently) out of too much joy when I saw that they have Canmake (Japanese) there, a bigger kiosk of Dolly Wink (Japanese), and all other good stuff!

And oh, they got Wet N' Wild Cosmetics there too! Jeezus!

Got this baby from Landmark too! I've been meaning to try this one as it kind of works like a facial cleanser and makeup remover in one. See, it's a cleansing oil, but it never felt like I need to rewash my face all over again after rinsing. I wish I make sense there but yeah, will surely update you guys about this in a much thorough review.

Ever Bilena Lipsticks. Well, I bought these two lippies late December last year, haven't written a blog post or review about them yet so I thought why not include them here. I'm going to review these soon. :)

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  1. Ask ko lang po kung san mo po nabili ung beauty sponge mo?

    1. Hello Lei, I think sa Trinoma/Landmark ko rin sya yata nabili. Sorry for the late reply.


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