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by - Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm back with another review. Since I'm still in the midst of trying out products which usually takes me at least 1-3 months for makeup items and minimum of 3 months for skincare items. I do this month testing to be sure that I was really able to use up the product properly so that not only I was able to gain something from the purchase, but also to come up with a valuable review content here in my blog.

Anyhoo, today's post will be a capsule review of my recent empties, this includes used up skincare items and some makeup items I used in the past months which I wasn't able to record and take photos. Here you go,

(Japanese) KATE Super Sharp Liner (around P600)
This one, I think, is the very first brush eyeliner I've ever purchased. In Japan, it is displayed along with other affordable drugstore brands but it stood out as KATE's kiosks there are very sophisticated and performance-wise, this super sharp liner works fairly good.

KATE Super Sharp Liner has a fine brush, it doesn't feel cheap and responds perfectly in any direction with precision. This will definitely a beginner's favourite, but I like Nature Republic's Botanical Waterproof Brush Liner better, check the brief review below.

(Korean) TONY MOLY Tony Tint in Red Apple (P198)
One of my most used up lip tints! Tony tint is super pigmented so be cautious when using. It took me a long time to totally get the hang of using this. The first few tries made my lips look terrifyingly bloody. But once I got the knack of applying this, this baby surely made it to my to-go kit. I would dot some on my lips then voila! I'm good to go.

And oh, please check the tags on the left side to check other products under that category, e.g Korean products, etc.

(JapaneseSunkiller Cool Perfect Strong SPF 50+ PA+++ by Isehan (around P500)
I like this sunblock because it does not leave you with a sticky feeling. It also has this minty cool effect on your skin which is perfect for Manila's intense hot and humid weather. It doesn't leave gray cast too.

Sunkilller Cool Perfect Strong is under Isehan, a Japanese company that also sells Heroine Make, a Japanese makeup brand. They launched and started selling both Sunkiller variants and Heroine Make in the Philippines early 2015 I believe. I was about to buy my second bottle of Sunkiller when I realized that it's nowhere to be found in SM department stores and Watsons. I searched online and found a note in their Facebook page, which looks legit by the way, saying they're already pulling out their items from the Philippine market.

Anyway, I still put Sunkiller Cool Perfect Strong in the list because it really is a good product.

(Korean) Skin 79 Triple Functions BB Creams in 15ml tube (around P500-600)
I have a thorough review of Skin 79 Triple Functions BB Cream (Orange) here!

I love these two! Both work smoothly and have a very nice finish. Pink one is just darker and has grayish undertone while the Orange variant has more yellowish undertone but a tad bit lighter in shade but nothing that can't be fixed using powder and shading. Don't know which BB cream should you use? Check this BB Cream Overview.

Skin 79 will always be my favourite BB cream brand. They are still not yet in the Philippines so I only learned about them and get them online. Please, please do take note that their 15ml tube (around P600) is pricier compare with other teenage korean brands in Manila with full sized BB cream tube costing P600-800. Skin79 full sized BB creams could go up as high as thousands of pesos.

*Skin79 products sold on instagram for as low as P200 (or maybe even lower), regardless if tagged as Singapore authentic/Class A are completely counterfeits. I advise purchasing from trusted stores only.

(Japanese) Bifesta Cleansing Lotion in Sebum variant (P419)
IT DOESN'T STING. Clears your face from all the makeup and dirt without sting! Plus it's 300ml big and will last you so so long. I wear makeup almost everyday and if I remember correctly this stayed with me for at least 2-3 months? Yeah.

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion has 4 variants: Moist (for dry skin), Age Care (mature and aging Skin), Bright Up (for dull skin), and Sebum for oily/combination skin like mine. This one contains green tea extract which promises to help in pore tightening and oil control.

I was really not a makeup remover buyer at all, but I was sold with Bifesta's concept of NO RINSE: yes, Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is your makeup remover + toner + moisturizer all-in-one! If you're extremely tired and lazy to wash and rinse your makeup off, then this is for you!

(Korean) Nature Republic Botanical Waterproof Sharp Liner (around P500-600)
A sweat and sebum-proof click-type brush pen liner. The brush isn't as fine and sharp as KATE's but the color payoff is intense black. The brush draws thicker line so it's easier to fill gaps in wing lining.

I like this eyeliner but not as much as I love my current brush eyeliner from Etude House (check that out here), and of course, my ultra HG brush pen eyeliner: K-palette Eyeliner P795 (soon to review).


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