LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review (Playful & Dreamy)

by - Saturday, January 16, 2016

LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review
When it comes to makeup, using lipsticks is a sort of uncharted territory for me. So late 2015, I promised myself to try new makeup looks that require using lip colors. Funny because ever since I started doing makeup, I never really paid attention to lipsticks and just always use lip tints to give some colors to my lips -- and most of them if not 'berry', are just usually leaning towards colors close to my lip. Talk about boring!

LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss (P250 - P350) has just been officially launched in the Philippine market but it has been out in the online shopping world earlier than that. With matte lip creams getting all the rave right now, I always see this LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss in Facebook and Instagram shops. I got curious and purchased some myself.

LA GIRLS Matte Lip Pigment Gloss comes in a very sleek packaging. It comes with a doe foot applicator. The packaging is rather deceiving though, as it looks too bulky and bigger than most lip creams when in reality it contains as much as most lip creams (5g). Note that NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams contain 8g amount of product which is 3 grams more than LA GIRLS Matte Lip Pigment Gloss despite Nyx's slim packaging.
LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review
LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review
In LA GIRL's defense though, considering the price you're still getting plenty of bang for the buck. One noticeable downside of the packaging is that the shade label is positioned together with the product details. I wish they would come up with a shade label sticker on the cap for easier reference.

LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review

LA GIRLS Matte Lip Pigment Gloss has an impressive color selection with 16 interesting shades to try. I'm still at "trying things out" stage so I only got shades DREAMY and PLAYFUL for myself. As for Dreamy and Playful, what you see from the tube is what you will get. The colors are as opaque as how they are inside the tube.

LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review

LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review

Dreamy is a beautiful pinky-brown shade, I love this shade and it is actually the shade that attracted me to try this line. I thought it would look pinkish to coralish on me but it turns out more brown for my skin tone. I kind of look pale while wearing this (but not totally washed out), I could still probably make this work by using heavy eye makeup (this will look good on Smokey eye) or with my lips lined with darker color underneath.

On the brighter side, I received a couple of compliments like "ang ganda ng nude lipstick mo" "ang ganda ng shade na 'yan, ano 'yan?" the first time I wore this. So maybe it's just me not being used to nudes.

LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review

I had high hopes for this shade. Seeing the poster, Playful looked like the kind of pink that I want. I also liked how it looks inside the tube so I never really had second thoughts of getting it. There were no testers in the bazaar so I only have my eyes and instinct to trust with. Upon getting home, I swatched it on my skin and had no regrets either.

LA Girls Matte Lip Pigment Gloss Review

Things started to go south when I finally applied it on my lips. Jeez, I looked like a person with a floating mouth. T'was something that would definitely steer attention away from my overall look and focus on my lips instead. The color isn't a fit for my NC35 tone. I looked so washed out. Literally had no idea it will look neon pink on me.

I tried and tried. I even put on the lightest foundation that I have just so I can check if it'll go well with at least an NC30-er skin tone but to no avail, the shade probably isn't just for me. (Pero syempre ta-try pa rin, sayang naman! Haha)

Texture and Finish
Dreamy is creamier than Playful and is very easy to apply. A single coat does the job most of the time. I have no problem applying this shade at all.

Maybe it's just a bad batch but Playful shade that I got does not glide smoothly as Dreamy. It dries patchy every time that I had to reapply every coat which results to even patchier finish. They both dry up quick enough and the result is totally matte.

Once they dried, they kind of feel tacky which is rather uncomfortable but surprisingly there's no transfer when I tried to kiss the back of my hand.

As for matte lip creams, these last considerably long enough without eating oily food. I just noticed that these always chip after eating. The flakes would fall off to my hankies or tissue whenever we dine so I guess I'm just gonna use these whenever we're not going out to eat.

What I like:
- Affordable compared to other matte lip creams/pigment gloss
- Great and wide color selection to choose from
- Completely MATTE
- Very pigmented
- Does not transfer

What I don't like:
- Dries up tacky
- Some shade dries patchy
- Chips off when eating (looks ugly and messy)

That's a wrap! Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions in mind or a product you want me to try. Tell them down on the comment box! Thank you! :)


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