Nichido Lip Liner in Coral Rust Review

by - Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ever since I was introduced to lip overlining a.k.a Kylie Jenner's lips, I quickly drag myself to look for the cheapest drugstore lip liner I could try. Initially, I was only looking for an affordable one just so if I end up looking horrible in thick lips then I could easily move on away from these lip liners. So, how do I look with them exactly? Find out later in this review.

Nichido Lip Liner in Coral Rust Review

Nichido Lip Liner (P100) - this baby sells like hot cakes. Every time I check Nichido kiosks for the complete shade collection, I always end up seeing the same one or two shades available because the other best seller shades easily go out of stock. Through personal and online research, I believe there are rather at least 5 (or maybe more) shades available. For today's review, we have shade Coral Rust on hand.

Nichido Lip Liner in Coral Rust Review

Nichido Lip Liner in Coral Rust Review

Nichido Lip Liner comes in a very simple yet sleek packaging. The overall look could pass as a high-end makeup in my opinion. According to Nichido, the lip liner is made in Czech and is allergy tested.

I yet have to confirm things about Nichido as a company as they have a very minimal online presence and it seems to me that they do not have an official website either. But performance-wise, I have been using this lip liner and have already tried their foundation and mascara as well, and so far I have nothing to say but compliments.

Nichido Lip Liner in Coral Rust Review

Nichido Lip Liner in Coral Rust Review

Coral Rust, as the name suggests, comes off as a rusty deep red. It's not your typical blue-toned red lipstick, but it's rather a brownish deep red that will suit most Filipina skin tone.

Nichido Lip Liner in Coral Rust Review

Texture and Finish
Surprisingly, considering the price, Nichido Lip Liner is creamy and very easy to work with to achieve your desired look - may it be just lip lining or fully covering your lips - it works wonders as it glides on very smoothly.

The finish is totally matte, and I love that it's not tacky! It kind of feel a little heavier when used as a lipstick (full coverage) but it's hardly uncomfortable. Naturally, my lips have always been dry but luckily I was still able to work on this but that of course, is not advisable. The overall look will be messy and icky.

Lasting Power
Typical of most matte lippies, Nichido Lip Liner stays on adequate long enough without eating oily food and transfers are very minimal too (when worn as full coverage lipstick).

And here's a collage of me sporting that Kylie Jenner-inspired makeup look!

But nah, I look better with my natural thin lips I guess. (sobrang nag-iba itsura ko dito, contour pa more lol)

To sum it up, what I like:

  • creamy texture, easy to work with
  • sleek packaging
  • very affordable
  • very matte but not sticky
  • no pungent, chemical-ish, paint-like smell
  • can be used as a lip liner and as matte lipstick

What I don't like:

  • may cause your lips to dry (which is typical of most matte lippies, so prep)
  • difficult to score other shades


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