Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

by - Saturday, January 09, 2016

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Hello, 2016! :) still couldn't believe that it's 2016 already. I feel so old already but at the same time, I am truly very enthusiastic about what's in store for me this year.

Many things happened last month, I spent Christmas with boyfriend's family watching the annual Disney on Ice. I may not look like it, but I really love and enjoy Disney on Ice shows, this is my 2nd time with them already.

I also get to spend New Year's Eve with them in Lucena City. It felt so refreshing to stay in the province, I so loved the cool breezy weather, no terrible traffic and most of all, good food! Haha

(small photos are taken using my phone)

Anyhoo, weeks before Christmas I went to this Christmas Sale Bazaar where I purchased these two Wet n' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks.

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Wet n' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks (P150-299) in Don't Blink Pink and Mauve Outta Here. Price varies per (online) shop, but this retails for roughly 300 pesos at WnW kiosks. Save bucks by buying these online, be very cautious though as there are already counterfeit of this in the market (as far as I know).

The first thing you'll notice upon holding the lippies is how flimsy the packaging is. It feels so light that I actually had second thoughts of buying it, I thought they might be fake but then again I have personally seen and swatched the counterfeit ones before so I should know.

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Texture and Finish
It feels very creamy and glides on very smoothly when swatched. I can't say that the finish is totally matte, though. I didn't have a hard time applying them on my lips unlike most matte lipsticks which also feels too dry, Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick is pretty much the opposite. It does not emphasize dry flaky areas and it does not also settle in between the lines on my lips, so I guess the closest would be it being semi-matte.

I can say that Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick stays true to its color. A single swipe or two show the lipstick's shade in intensity.

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Don't Blink Pink - is a cool-toned pink shade with a little warm undertone in it. The shade doesn't totally make me look wash out but I'm personally not a fan of loud pinks so there's a chance I'll use this as lip stain instead, or I'll probably mix this with other lipsticks I have to come up with my desired color.

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

Mauve Outta Here - is a pinkish-purple color that kind of lean on the cooler side of the spectrum. Surprisingly, though bluish in tone, this shade doesn't make me look wash out too. The color is rather deeper in person and is great for every day and evening makeup looks.

Lasting Power
I dunno about the other shades but the ones I got seem easy to clean off, it also didn't stain my lips one bit when it fades. As for the lasting power, it's 4-5 hours tops without eating. There are minimal transfers when drinking, but it's ok!

Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipsticks Review

What I like:
• huge shade/color selection
• great color payoff
• easy application
• does not emphasize dry lips
• incredibly affordable
• feels comfortable when worn

What I don't like:
• cheap easy-to-break packaging
• not widely available

I used to see Wet N' Wild kiosks in SM department stores but I think they were pulled out? Anyway, your best bet would be getting them online. Thank you for reading! :)


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