Menow KISSPROOF Lipstick Price and Review

by - Sunday, February 07, 2016

Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review

Menow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick (P100) with matte lippies being all the rage right now, it was so easy to spot this lip pencil out of the bunch. With its tempting price tag, ranging from as low as P80 to P150 online, couldn't help but notice it.

Well, to be honest, I was really not into trying Kiss Proof due to so many reasons. One, the super cheap price is too good to be true. And the fact that it is made in China contributed to my skepticism as well. Well that's when I also realized that everything we buy now is basically manufactured in China. Name it, iphone, even branded clothes, branded shoes, basically almost everything. So yep, I gave in.

Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review

         Nothing hefty and fancy. The packaging is nothing but very straightforward. It comes in non-retractable crayon-like form which can be a little deceiving as it seems to be retractable, not! I tried to sharpen Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick using a regular pencil sharpener...and failed! Haha I suggest using a jumbo cosmetic sharpener instead. If the online store you bought from sells Kiss Proof Sharpener, you should definitely get that one. It retails for P50-80, I think.

Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review

Noticed (minimal) information error on the box and the pen itself, "This Liquid Lipstick" (this ain't liquid, yo!). On the lighter note, I love that they never forget to include necessary details like the ingredients, manufacturing and expiry date. The shade code is printed legibly too.

Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review
Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review

I got shade 008 - which is a nude with warm undertones. The first few strokes on my lips appear like my own lip color. Building the layers, the shade intensifies into a more brownish tone which is rather IMO, fierce-looking in real life. It is something that i would definitely wear with a heavy/smokey eye makeup.

Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review
Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review
(under my usual blog photo lighting)

Texture and Finish
Menow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick glides on smoothly. It is creamy and very easy to use. It dries into completely matte finish. Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick has a tendency to accentuate dry flaky areas and settle in between the fine lines of your lips, so better not skip lip balms.

Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review

If you're looking for something that won't budge, water-proof, and crazy matte --then Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick is for you! The first time I swatched it on my hand, I literally had a hard time washing it off with alcohol, water and soap.

It's easy to remove using oil-based makeup remover though, your regular baby oils will do as well. With that said, you can already tell that Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick will last on you so so long sans the greasy food.

Menow KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review
What I like about Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick:
- glides on smoothly; easy to apply
- matte finish
- does not chip or flake when eating
- water-proof; does not bleed
- super affordable
- huge shade selection*

What I don't like: 
- shade selection appears repetitive
- can be drying for lips
- difficult to look for a sharpener that accommodates its size

Will I buy again? To be honest, I really did not expect a lot from this product. I'm happy that Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick proved me wrong and proved itself to be a quality product that you can get at an affordable price.

*I have read mixed reviews from makeup enthusiasts in my circle and from bloggers online. There are people who claim that the application is dry and patchy (Which I never experienced, I even enjoyed layering up and experienced no patchiness whatsoever), and there are also some claims that it won't last for a long time even if you don't eat.

As per my own experience though, there's a huge chance that I'll repurchase Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick. :)


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