Biore UV Bright Face Milk (Sunscreen) Review

by - Saturday, March 12, 2016

Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review
Hello there! I'm back with another review. Just arrived home from our shooting for our movie and tv production class. It was fun, though I really thought I wouldn't be able to blog today since I lent my memory card to our groupmate who's going to edit the videos since we used my dSLR for the filming. Luckily, I remember that I have a spare point-and-shoot digital camera so I was able to temporarily use its memory card. Yipee!

Anyhoo, for today's review we'll be talking about a skincare item I've been religiously using for months now. Biore UV Bright Face Milk (P380) is a Japanese-brand sunscreen that protects your face from harsh and harmful UVA and UVB rays with its ultra light and long-lasting SPF50+/PA++++ UV Block. 

Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review
Ever since I've been conscious about skincare, I made it a point to incorporate anything that could protect me from the sun's harmful rays. Back in Japan, my mom was very keen to use and remind me to use sunblocks before going out (especially during summer), sadly though, I didn't listen. The heat in Japan is as terrible as it is in Manila. I remember having my nose bleeding and coming back to Manila with friends and family saying "ang itim itim mo grabe."

At first, incorporating sunscreens in my regimen was initially just for 'I don't want to get darker' mentality. But the more I research about skin, AND my skin specifically, I realized that a lot of my skin problems were triggered by not protecting it from the sun's harmful rays.

Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review

Biore UV Bright Face Milk is housed in a twist-off cap with nozzle tip packaging and contains 30ml of all that good stuff.

Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review
Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review

Consistency and Texture
As you can see, Biore UV Bright Face Milk's texture is runny, making it easy to spread and blend. It's unscented and I like that it feels ultra light and non-sticky. I feel like I don't have anything on my face at all when I'm using this.

Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review
Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review

Biore UV Bright Face Milk dries up pretty matte and has this powdery feel to it that makes you want to touch your face all over again. It contains ultra fine light correction powder particles that help in covering pores and brightening skin tone that delivers that beautiful velvety canvas and doubles as an excellent makeup primer. Also, it's waterproof and resistant against sweat to provide that long lasting skin protection we all need.

In person, it has this pinkish tinge to it which may not work with darker skin tones as it leaves a lingering white cast. I personally do not approve of this pinkish tinge as I like slathering a large amount of sunscreen and overall the white cast just doesn't look good.

Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review

What I like About Biore UV Bright Face Milk?

  • ultra lightweight and non-greasy, velvety finish
  • works great as a makeup base
  • waterproof and sweat-resistant
  • superior sun protection (Hello SPF50, I love you! And I love you even more PA++++, that's 4plus you guys!)
What I Don't Like About It?
  • the pink tinge and white cast can be overwhelming
  • does not mix well with other products
I like mixing products (i.e. moisturizer + sunscreen) to cut the skincare routine short. Not sure with other types but I just noticed that Biore UV Bright Face Milk does not mix well with my gel-type moisturizer (unlike my previous sunscreen).

If you do the same with your routine, be sure to apply moisturizer or serums prior to sunscreen and makeup application, or you may try to mix this sunscreen with your liquid foundation instead of your moisturizer.

Biore UV Bright Face Milk Review


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