Which Foundation is Best for You?

by - Monday, March 07, 2016

I think my very first foundation was a compact powder from Avon! Haha I was still in High school then, so as you can already tell the price was a tad spendy for me so I switched to Johnson's face powder after. It was only around a hundred peso back then.

I have no idea if it's available until now but it was also a compact powder which comes in, I believe two shades? one being as white as your usual baby powder and the other one is natural beige. I was pretty much aware that I was too young for harsh chemicals so I tried to stick with Johnson's face powder because it is mild and it's like your regular baby powder -only compact + a tinge of color for the Beige shade.

For today's post, we'll be talking about different types of foundations, if you're still on the look for your holy grail foundation then this post is definitely for you! :)

Liquid Foundation
Most liquid foundations are best suited for dry to extra dry skin types, they hydrate dry patchy areas of the skin while providing medium to full coverage.

  • Oil-Free Liquid Foundation If you're on the oily side, fret not as you can still use liquid foundations. Oil-free foundation provides light to medium coverage sans the grease. Liquid foundations can be a little heavy for some oily people so it is best to get foundations that promise lightweight finish. I loved my Mac Select SPF15 Foundation (discontinued) and Chanel Perfection Lumiere for this. 

Powder Compact Foundation
Best for oily skin for the matte finish. Powder compact foundations provide medium to full coverage. They are great for quick touch-ups because of their packaging's portability.

Stick Foundation
For all skin types except oily. This type of foundation provides easy spot coverage and is also buildable for medium to full coverage. I used to like this certain tea tree stick foundation from Fashion 21, really digging the smell and coverage-wise it was really good. I also loved the fact that it's intended for acne-prone skin. The only downside is it felt heavy on me and it felt like I was wearing a mask with it.

Tinted Face Balms
Blemish Balm Creams commonly known as BB Creams are basically a pumped up version of liquid foundations. BB Creams are great because they are kind of a combination of makeup and skincare in one bottle offering multiple benefits. These benefits include but not limited to whitening, anti-aging, sun protection, anti-acne, etc. Aside from excellent coverage, BB Creams intensively hydrate and give our skin a healthy dewy finish.

I know some people, especially oily people, who are not fan of dewy finish because it somehow makes them appear more oily. If you're also concerned about this you may opt for BB creams with matte finish or the ones that dries into powdery finish.
There are bunch of different formulations to try out there but so far these are the ones I have personally tried and tested. There is also this new thing called CC Creams which basically are Color Correcting creams, as I have heard they also have amazing skin benefits like BB Creams but the downside is most of them do not offer much coverage so I totally skipped them. I hope you learn from this quick guide and eventually find your HG foundation! :)

And oh, I didn't abandon my blog, school life has been very busy for me these past few weeks so yep. Now, I'm back! :)

Source: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

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