10 Japanese Makeup & Skincare Brands That You Can Try in Manila

by - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

If you're into double cleansing and using oil-based cleansers in removing your makeup then you should try Bifesta. They have different variants depending on your skin type and skin problem. I personally tried and loved the 'Sebum' variant intended for oily skin. Check my brief review here. Bifesta is available in Watsons and SM department stores.

Photo via Bifesta Philippines Facebook Page.

The arrival of Biore to the Philippines is truly heaven sent. They have a wide range of impressive skincare items - from makeup wipes, makeup cleansers up to sunscreens - and trust me, they work wonders. I have thorough reviews of both Biore's makeup remover and sunscreen here in my blog so go check 'em out! Biore is Available in Watsons, Landmark and SM Department stores; and online through BeautyMNL. 
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Photo via Biore Philippines Facebook Page.

Canmake is a drugstore cosmetics brand. In Japan, their target market consists mainly of the younger group - mostly students - because of their pocket-friendly price tag. Albeit affordably cheap, Canmake is a goldmine of quality makeup products. You can bet that Canmake is one of my favorite makeup brands when I was studying in Japan. I personally loved their Gradiation Blushes, Highlighters and Contour Powders. Canmake is available in Landmark, Purebeauty Serendra/Trinoma, PCX Alabang Town Center, Rockwell, and Greenbelt.

Photo via Canmake Philippines Facebook Page.

Dolly Wink
If you read J-magazines: especially Popteen, then you've probably seen this Tsubasa Masuwaka-produced makeup brand. Dolly Wink is another drugstore makeup brand. They are known for their pigmented eyeshadow quads and natural-looking falsies. Dolly Wink is available in Watsons and SM Department stores, Landmark, Purebeauty; And online through BeautyMNL.

Photo via Dolly Wink Philippines Facebook Page.

Fairydrops is known for their exceptional mascara types and their Candy Bar BB cream. I believe they're with the first ones to introduce BB creams with sponge applicator attached. I yet have to try Fairydrops items but I'm eyeing their Volume Burst Mascara and Creamy Treatment (Base Mascara). Fairydrops is available at Beauty Bar outlets, and online through BeautyMNL and BDJbox.
Photo via Fairydrops Philippines Facebook Page.

KATE Tokyo by Kanebo
How do I even start with this? I love KATE. So believe me when I tell you I squealed like crazy when I found out they're already here. I think I even blogged about it back in Tumblr out of too much excitement. Who wouldn't love their sleek packaging? Such class! Recommended products are their eyebrow kit, their liquid matte bases and powder foundations. KATE is available in Landmark, Watsons and SM Department Stores.

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Another fan-favorite and a personal favorite is the K-PALETTE 1-Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner (P795). I haven't gotten the chance to review this but before I start with my faves, what is K-palette by the way? K-palette is another drugstore brand. They promise to deliver a long-lasting waterproof products through their '1-day tattoo' line.

Back in Japan, I used to just move pass them because they rarely have kiosks or special space to hold up their name. They're literally just your drugstore brand lying around. But lo and behold, this baby is something.
Luckily, just when I was about to fly to Japan for a vacay, K-palette was introduced and released in Manila. I knew I had to try it. And boy, I loved it! I hoarded and brought 'em packs with me to Manila haha!  Recommended products are their eyebrow pens, pencil and liquid eyeliners. K-palette is available in Beauty Bar stores, Watsons, and SM Department stores.

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Majolica Majorca
Majolica Majorca is Shiseido's sister brand for the younger group; that already says something about the quality. Withal the classy (princessy) packaging and impressive quality is a reasonable price tag. Who wouldn't love that? Recommended items are their eyeshadow quads and powder foundation. Majolica Majorca is available in Watsons and SM Department stores.
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I'm not big on Shiseido makeups (except Mom haha); but we've been using Shiseido Tsubaki shampoos and all that hair stuff in Japan and we love them. Shiseido products' price leans towards the working class and up; price can be a tad spendy for some. If fate permits, I want to try their brightening skincare line - White Lucent - as I heard beauty enthusiasts rave about it. Shiseido Philippines is available at Shangri-la Plaza, Greenbelt 5, ATC, Trinoma, Century Mall Makati, Lucky Chinatown Mall Manila, Abreeza Mall and Ayala Center Cebu. And online through BeautyMNL.

Shu Uemura
Speaking of raves, Shu Uemura's cleansing oil and eyelash curler are all the rage in the beauty community. I yet have to get my hands on their famous cleansing oil but I've personally tried Shu Uemura's Eyelash Curler (P1,000+). And I never switched since then.

Don't get me wrong, who spends thousand bucks for a single eyelash curler, right? I know. I can still remember buying eyelash curlers worth 150 pesos because my heart won't readily accept shelling out P300+ for an eyelash curler. Haha!
B-but...Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler curls like no other. It doesn't pinch my skin; take note I have a rather weird eye shape. Also, it grabs all of my eyelash hair in one try. Like, literally it made my eyelash curling life so much easier. Shu Uemura is available in Trinoma, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Powerplant Mall, Rustans Makati and Alabang Town Center. Get them online through BeautyMNL. Deshibelle

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