Get these 5 Etude House Items for Only P500

by - Monday, April 11, 2016

I've always loved Etude House's princess treatment. And their point-rebate system through their Pink Membership Card is one of the things that make me go back even more. No moolah? No problem. One time I dropped by inside the store and thanks to the points I've accumulated, I didn't come out of the store empty-handed. Hooray for free items!

Speaking of the Pink Membership, you can be a member and get the card for free for a total payment of PHP 500 (single receipt). Easy peasy, right? But here comes the big deal. Let's get real: since some of us are still students, the only thing we can depend on is our little savings. So let your hair down because I listed 5 affordable items you can get for only P500.

YES, FIVE ITEMS for only 500 pesos.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow P148 (Available in different shades)

Image via Etude House Philippines.
Step up your brow game with Etude House Drawing Eyebrow. With its angled, ultra-fine tip and retractable design (+ affordable price), this baby surely made it as a fan-favorite. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. But hurry! This baby runs out of stock real quick.

Etude House Styling Eyeliner P148

Image via Etude House Philippines
Available in different shades (White, Black and Brown). This retractable pencil eyeliner is a game changer. Lately I find myself digging through my vanity kit for a pencil eyeliner instead of a (liquid) brush eyeliner. I love this because it's really affordable plus I no longer have to sharpen it. Saves a lot of time!
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My Beauty Tool Eyelash Curler P78

Image via Etude House Philippines
I believe this is the most affordable eyelash curler out in the market.

Green Tea Nose Pack P38

Image via Etude House Philippines
This nose pack is used to remove blackheads. Using green tea, it promises to tighten pores with regular use and help keep skin smooth and clear.

Collagen Eye Patch P78

Image via Etude House Philippines
Revitalize dry and tired eyes using this collagen infused eye patch. I'm not sure if I've already mentioned it here in my blog but I LOVE COLLAGEN. Collagen makes your skin extra supple and makes it look even more younger. I used to drink lots of powdered collagen from Japan, they're pretty pricey so I kind of stopped for a while. Now I've been drinking another kind of collagen drink which is a little pocket-friendly.

Now, let's do the math!
148 + 148 + 78 + 38 + 78 = 490

If you're feeling generous, might as well add up another bestseller item - facial sheet masks - which you can get for only 58 pesos each. My personal favorites are the Honey, Lemon, Tea Tree and Collagen variants.

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Hope you like this sort of P500-challenge. This isn't a sponsored post as I sincerely love and support Etude House Philippines. Thank you for reading!

Source: Etude House Philippines, Images via Etude House Philippines.


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