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by - Friday, April 15, 2016

Truth be told, I'm kind of hesitant to blog about this great discovery yet. I'm still indulging my eureka moment that I don't want to burst the bubble just yet. But I changed my mind, this impressive makeup deserves the limelight.

What is Dermacol?
Dermacol is a European brand. It started in a film studio in Prague and since then has remained under Czech ownership. Since the success of the efforts of film studio experts combined with medical-cosmetics specialists: the Make-up Cover line was born.

With its impressive coverage and quality, the Make-up Cover's license was sold as far as Hollywood. Today, Dermacol products are sold in Middle East, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, and as far as I know, even in South Korea. Source:

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So when I found out that my makeup artist friend got this, I knew I got to try it. So now, I got three trial shades to choose from.
Wait, what trial shades? What? Why?  Yep, and let me break down the reasons why:
1. Choosing Dermacol shades can be a bit tricky for Asian skin tones.
2. The price can be steep so it's safe to be sure before purchasing.
3. This is not available locally.
Since it's made in Europe, chances are the colors lean more on the Caucasian side.* They can be a little too light for some. Dermacol Make-up Cover that are made in South Korea, I believe, are now coming up with new shades that are more yellowish in tone. Hooray for that!

Image via Ebay

Dermacol Make-up Cover 30g (P900) is housed in small squeeze-type tube. It's as small as that of the size of a small toothpaste tube. But don't let the size fool you. Believe me, it is unbelievably super pigmented that a dot-size goes a super long way!
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Consistency, Texture and Scent
Dermacol Make-up Cover is creamy but not runny. The texture reminded me of Revlon whipped creme foundation, it's pretty thick but the latter is much runnier in texture. With regards to the scent, I dunno about you but it reminded me of Chin Chun Su/Mena Cream's smell? I dunno maybe it's just me but the smell is nothing that can gross you out. It is fairly tolerable and it fades off easily.

Dermacol Make-up Cover has this velvety feel upon application and you can definitely tell right off the bat that it's gonna give a good full coverage. It provides an outstanding coverage even with pea size amount of product. One thin layer could cover a lot of imperfections. LIKE REALLY A LOT. Don't believe me? It completely covers acne scars, dark circles, bruises, and guess what...even tattoos; without looking overly done and unnatural. I suggest taking your time in blending everything away because it has a tendency to look cakey.

Finish and Longevity
Dermacol Make-up Cover sets pretty matte. The kind of matte with glow and natural-looking. Longevity-wise it promises to be waterproof, it stays on me longer than my usual foundies. I don't think it's oil-free so it oxidizes, though.


I got shades 210, 218 and 221. I've always loved stocking different shades of foundations for summer and winter use. And as per the advice of most users, these are the best shades to combine to come up with your desired color.

210 - close to MAC's NC15 and Missha 21
I rarely use this since this is totally not my shade. It is too light for my skin tone. Sometimes, I mix it with the other shades to make them a little, just a little lighter when I'm feeling experimental. It may not be very obvious on the photos due to lighting but there's a stark difference between my skin color and this shade.

218 - one of the newest shade introduced by Dermacol in Korea
Upon application, it appears lighter than my skin tone but once it sets (and oxidizes), it turns just the right match for me. Plus it is totally yellow toned so no complaints.

221 - close to MAC's NC30
Pinay users favorite.* It's close to NC30 so it really fits medium/beige/warm skinned people. I personally love this shade too. This shade literally disappears on my cheeks and jaws upon application. The downside though, I'm acidic so there's tendency for this shade to look even more darker on me after I sweat. That's when the mixing of these 3 shades totally become useful, believe me.

What I Like About Dermacol Make-Up Cover?
• Outstanding coverage and pigmentation: small amount goes a super long way
• Waterproof with SPF30 and long-lasting (perfect for our humid weather)
• Faux flawless but natural-looking finish (perfect for photo shoots and films)
• Can be used for face and body (can be used both as concealer or foundation)

After blending away Shade 210.

Dermacol Make-Up Cover Benefits: It promises to be waterproof, hypoallergenic for all skin types. It has SPF 30 and preservative-free.
What I Don't Like About Dermacol Make-Up Cover?
• Choosing shades can be tricky (shades appear 1-2 tones lighter than they're supposed to be)
• NOT available locally (you may get one from Instagram-based shops - price starts from P900 up)
• It oxidizes. Not oil-free.
• Blending can be a real challenge. It is creamy and it glides on smoothly, yes, but it is super thick. A good clean brush or damp sponge will be your bestfriend.
• NOT hypoallergenic as it claims to be. I suggest to be keen in cleaning your face every after use (to avoid clogged pores).

Even before receiving Dermacol. I was advised by my friend that if I have Clarisonic or any facial cleaning tool, it'll be best if I use them diligently if I will be using Dermacol regularly (since according to her: it can sometimes feel too heavy and clogging for the skin). I'm so used to heavy makeups so this is no new thing to me.

Also, I heard some users claiming that after using Dermacol their face become bumpy and filled with tiny bumps which I can only guess as blocked pores. I did get zits but I can't totally blame it on Dermacol as I was also doing my thesis when I started using it. Also, I drink caffeine like there's no tomorrow so yeah, talk about bad lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Even though I have listed a couple of things under the cons side doesn't entirely mean that you should skip Dermacol away from your To-Buy List. DERMACOL WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY VANITY KIT AS IT REALLY IS SUPER AMAZING. I just wanted to be completely honest because for what it's worth I want you, readers, to be able to carefully consider what's worth spending or not.

Overall, I honestly think that Dermacol Make-up Cover is really worth the money. It can be pricey for some but it's really worth investing. My advice though, especially if you're planning to use this on a regular basis: like for everyday work, it's safe to be very, very diligent in cleaning and washing everything off your face. I know it's pretty long but I really hope that this review has been very helpful. Let me know if you've bought one yourself. Hit me up on the comment box! Deshibelle

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  1. thankyou for giving me the push over the fence - looking online to buy some now!

    1. I feel so bad for only checking my comments section just now :( glad that this post has been helpful! Thank you Cassie :)

  2. Since I have always been going through your blog for references, I'm gonna leave a comment here to stay thank you for saving me money prior to buying new make ups lolol - Mariel

    1. Is this you Mariel O.? Love you! Thank you sa pag drop by! :)


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