Etude House Styling Eye Liner Review

by - Monday, May 09, 2016

If there's one thing I love about pencil eyeliners it's gonna be the color intensity they give. One thing's for sure it's always bold and matte. The catch though, most of them if not all, fade off quite easily. They feather, smudge, and budge like crazy!

That wouldn't be much of a problem if I always like my eyes smokey: Well, I don't. I want my eye area all immaculate and perfect. I want the flick in my wing clean and precise. And most of all, I don't want my eyeliner feathering all the way down to my bottom waterline and lash line. I just really don't.
Etude House Styling Eye Liner Review
So the next thing I know, I ditched all my pencil eyeliners and converted to gel then finally brush pen type. It was nothing short of perfection until one day I got totally tired of the same old finish I've been getting.

Unlike pencil eyeliners, brush pen type usually has a hint of gloss in them. They may be super black, but not that solid kind of black that looks way more natural from a distance. The finish usually looks silkier and faux.
Etude House Styling Eye Liner Review
Recently, I find myself digging through my makeup stash for my last piece of pencil eyeliner. And when I finally ran out of it there I thought of giving Etude House Styling Eyeliner a try! It's pretty affordable so why not? Let's see how it is on par with the other eyeliners I've tried.
Etude House Styling Eye Liner Review
For an affordable price of P128 you'll get 0.2g amount of product. It's pretty short, you might say, but thanks to the retractable packaging at least we no longer have to buy a sharpener. It saves a lot of time too, imho. As of the overall packaging, its longer than my Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner.
Etude House Styling Eye Liner Review
Etude House Styling Eye Liner Review
What I like About It?
• It is creamy and easy to apply. No tugging.
I remember having some accidental lines on my hand while photographing this because the eyeliner is indeed very creamy and it glides on the skin like a butter.
Etude House Styling Eye Liner Review
• Matte, solid color.
The color is so intense devoid of all the gloss, just the way I wanted it to be.

Sleek and sturdy packaging.
+ RETRACTABLE! Anything retractable is automatically a favorite (for me)! Haha

(the other colors I believe are sold for P148, luckily this - the black one, sells for only P128).*

What I Don't Like About it?
• Like with most pencil eyeliners, this one smudges all the way down to my lower lash line like hella crazy! So crazy I don't even need to sleep and have my eyes closed for hours just to see it!

After at least 2-3 hours (of blinking), I notice smudged parts in my inner lash line and feathering on my lower lash line. Can't totally blame it on the eyeliner as it never promised to be a waterproof nor a smudge-proof one. Plus, I naturally have teary eyes so I guess it really can't be helped.

Overall, considering the price this eyeliner didn't totally disappoint. I'll probably continue to use this for you know? non-intense short activities and whatnot. Hit me up on the comment box if you've ever tried this eyeliner too. :)


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