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I just discovered a new feel-good activity that works best when I'm feeling down or bored. I was doing a minor cleaning of my stuff - mostly makeups, when I noticed that just by simply staring at my collection it made me joyful. I dunno but I can't help looking at them even more. I even told myself, 'This feels really good! I should go count, check, and clean my makeup stash regularly'. Haha!

I don't have much makeups now after I de-stash and throw away some stuff. I realized that even if some makeups seem at its best shape, once they hit their expiration date, one must not try using them ever. I just rode out of a recent breakout and learned that lesson the hard way. Ha! Enough with my makeup obsession, today I thought of sharing my mini collection of makeup kits/pouches.

• Jill Stuart Makeup Bag
As some of you may already know, my makeup shtick started when I was in Japan. It is a country where almost every girl knows the value of personal image building so it's no news that every lady: if not entirely good at makeup is at least very enthusiastic about it.

It's very rarely to meet someone out there who does not know how to make herself presentable. I acquired and fully embraced this culture, so it's not also a shocker that my first 'legit' makeup kit is from Japan too.

I loved this bag. One, for it has many pockets and compartments. Two, because it has a separate space where you can put your travel brushes in. I seldom use this one nowadays as all of my makeups and brushes could no longer fit in.

• Travel Kit
I also got this one in Japan as a sort of GWP of a certain magazine. It's pretty small so I only stuff in makeup items that I really need for a travel.

• Current Makeup Bag
Proudly locally made makeup bag. I got this from a department store here in Manila. Years ago, searching for makeup bags could be a little challenging so when I found this one while looking for another thing, I didn't think twice and just grabbed this baby off to the payment counter.

What I love about this bag is that it's pretty straightforward. There are two major compartments - one for the brushes and the other is a huge space for all of your makeups. It's a little bulky though so I prefer using my smaller makeup kit when traveling. If you're looking for makeup bags I believe you can get something like this at Beabi, Muji, and K.I.T.

Makeup Brush Pouch
This one's pretty cheap, I got it from a drugstore/department store back in Japan while roaming around. I used to just put random travel brushes here but when my 12-pc Makeup Brush Set's bag broke down, this became the new house of my brushes - especially my eye brushes.

And that's it! And oh, how do you like my new photography set up? Been checking out different spots in my room to come up with better blog photos. Hope you like it! :)


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