SKINCARE: Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks Review (Royal Jelly, Green Tea & Charcoal)

by - Thursday, May 19, 2016

I don't know if I've already told you this but I'm a huge fan of sheet masks. I love how they're so easy to use and how quick the results are. Actually, I never thought how wonderful they are until I watched and learned from several beauty bloggers who swear by them.
Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks ReviewI've been using these Lebelage Natural Masks recently; putting 'em on every other night religiously. You know what's great about sheet masks? They moisturize the skin better than most moisturizer because they are packed with essences and serums which are absorbed by the skin easier.

Serum and essences contain higher quality and more concentrated ingredients. That's why if you noticed they usually come pricey even for just a small bottle. (The most expensive I know could go as much as 12,000 PHP and I'm not even kidding! Haha well, sobrang effective naman yata nya talaga because most of the people I know who use it don't seem to be aging at all. Literally baby skin!)

Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks Review
Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks Review
I put them on for 25 minutes before bed time. What I love about this regimen is that not only I'm able to have a mini facial at the comfort of my own home, but I also get to play games or watch my favorite tv series while doing so.
Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks Review
I like the texture of this sheet mask. Given that it's the most affordable sheet mask in the (Korean) market, I was expecting it to have synthetic, super thin sheets. To my surprise, it's soft like the other masks I've tried but it doesn't feel cheap and synthetic.

Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks Review
I noticed that the size of Green Tea sheet mask is a little too big for my face. While the Royal Jelly and the Charcoal variants do just fine--especially Charcoal! The Charcoal sheet is uniquely different, it's black and it fits the size of my face perfectly!I'm impartial to scents so I really have nothing to complain. All of them smell relaxing to me.

Good for acne-prone skin and healing pimples for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks Review
You probably already know how good matcha/green tea to our body. Green tea moisturizes the skin well, it also protects our skin from damages caused by the sun.
Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks Review
Um, how do I even start with (activated) charcoals? I love them! I have tried the charcoal variant of a famous facial wash before. I think that's where I actually learned about what activated charcoals do. They suck out dirt like a vacuum! That's why you can see toothpastes, toothbrushes, soaps, and facial cleansers with activated charcoal in them. Note: I use a charcoal toothbrush irl. Haha
Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks Review
What I like About Lebelage Natural Sheet Masks?
- they're fairly cheap
- they're available in different variants
- soft cottony sheets

What I don't like About 'em?
- not much, really! They're just not readily available in malls, but you can purchase some online.

NOTE: I've tried different sheet masks from different (Japanese and) Korean brands before, namely Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Missha, etc. Honestly speaking I really thought that sheet masks are totally no help since I really never saw any difference after using (I used to use them only once a week).

Recently I realized that their effectiveness lies on the frequency of usage and the variant you are getting for the the type of your skin. I read somewhere that some Japanese women use mask everyday. Koreans even use them twice a day, I heard. If you really want to see drastic change in your skin be sure to be religious in using sheet masks regularly. It's not really the brand. It's the routine and healthy lifestyle.


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  1. There is a Korean store in Recto where they sell those for 30 pesos. :))

    1. Nice! Not bad, I got these masks for 25 pesos each from a bazaar, some sell it online for as low as P20 (sayang). I missed Recto btw :)

  2. I'm gonna try pearl, collagen and q10. Any reviews on that? :)

    1. Oh, haven't tried the other variants. Let's see if I'll be able to get my hands on them next time! :)


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