Everything You Need to Know Before Getting A Facial Treatment

by - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Whilst I don't have a whacking amount of moolah to sustain facials on a regular basis, I've already undergone oil-control, whitening, acne-control facials and even diamond peel from different facial clinics. I avail these treatments during a spur of a breakout especially for the huge cystic ones.

I can still remember the first time I entered a facial center. It was in 2012 and I literally had no idea what to do, where to go or where to start. Is it okay to go there with makeup on or it is necessary to arrive barefaced? Would they pop my pimples? Wait, that would scar, right? Would they heal quickly? Can I endure the pain? These, I asked myself.

I googled. I searched for estimated price lists of each facial center near me. I read reviews, joined forums, I even messaged/contacted some through their websites and Facebook pages. All of these have been helpful but not all of my questions (and fears) have been answered. And so I'm writing this post to help the other ladies out there like me who are planning to get their facial some time soon.

• It is okay to arrive with makeup on but it is not highly advisable.  You don't want any trace of chemical, in this case makeups, to be left on your skin while your pores are being opened and cleaned. Most facial centers I've tried will remove your makeup and clean your face for you but there is this one affordable facial center I've tried that asked me to clean my face, myself. It's no biggie actually, but I was just worried that I was not able to clean everything properly. I believe that a trained facialist could clean a client's face better. What do you think?

• During extraction, picking of pimples is optional in some clinics. When I say optional, some clinics do prick pimples while some just don't. If you happen to go to a clinic that does pop pimples (and you don't want it), you can always tell the facialist that you don't want your pimples pricked. Also, facial centers that do not allow pricking of pimples will never prick your pimple even if you beg for it (Well, I did try haha).

In addition, No-pimple-pricking facialist will most probably suggest you to avail their pimple injection instead. (This is no marketing strategy as this treatment is actually being offered in any facial centers.) This pimple injection could go for as low as PHP80 up to PHP150 PER PIMPLE. And yes, this can be a little spendy if you have tons of huge zits to tame down.

• You don't really have to buy everything they offer you. One of my huge life lessons is to understand how jobs (with quota) operate in Manila. I learned this the hard way (haha) I used to buy anything a makeup saleslady offers me. No, I did not buy them because I believed in her sweet talks but because of respect and courtesy. I felt so bad every time they had to show and explain a product to me with all their efforts then me not purchasing anything and just turning away? I always thought it was rude. And I think you kind of get the feeling too, right?

But as I grow up and as I slowly emerge myself to financial seminars, books and advices, I realized that this habit of mine should stop. You must remember that these facialists have a job and it includes selling a service (and some medication) so chances are they'll do everything they can to make money off you. While most of them would know the ins and outs of the product or medicine they're offering to you, still, you're safest bet is to consult a licensed dermatologist first.

• Yes, facialist are aestheticians and not licensed doctors. But they are good. They are well-trained. But of course there will always be things that only a licensed skin doctor could tell and fix. If you happen to have serious skin problems, I highly encourage consulting a dermatologist first before undergoing facials. Most mall facial centers have resident dermatologists so just ask for an appointment.

• The pain you will endure will depend on your tolerance. I pretty much think I have an unbelievably high pain tolerance. You have no idea! Today, as of writing, I just had some of my cystic acne pricked (and this is the most painful type of acne to pop) but after the session I even had to confirm if the big pimples were finished as I felt nothing excruciatingly painful like what all of my facialists would warn me about.

I could tell you a lot about my pimple pricking experiences but this could go annoyingly gross so nope. Stop na. Hahaha (I'm sincerely thanking my braces for heightening my pain tolerance).

• Dark spots/hyper pigmentation/acne scars will disappear over time. When I say over time this can take months up to years depending on some factors. You can always avail of their anti-hyperpigmentation creams and whatnot though. As for me, I exfoliate regularly, I use brightening cleansers and moisturizers too. The shortest time I got my scars gone is roughly 6 months. There, I can completely say that nobody will believe that I had dark spots on a certain area. Diamond peel also helped speed up the process but I only did this once. (Mahal masyado haha)

PS: Take note that deep acne scars will take longer to disappear. This is the case where peels are usually used for.

• Going straight home after a facial is crucial. I heard some people getting even more zits the next day after a facial. While some people react differently on treatments, I believe it is best to go straight home to avoid dust and dirt from entering your just-recently-opened pores. And while it is guaranteed that our facialist has done its job of closing your pores every after session, chances are your skin is still at its most vulnerable. So avoid staying longer outside especially under the sun, wear a mask, go home and have your skin some rest!

This can be a little too much for some people who are always on the go, but hey! This is just for a super short time. Your skin will thank you big time!

• It is best to leave your face as it is after a facial treatment. And yep, that means no makeup nor baby powder right after a facial. The facialist will even advise you to only wash your face after 24 hours at most. The quickest I know could go for 8-12 hours at least.

You may ask: Why? Again, your skin is at its most vulnerable at this time + after a facial certain medicines and creams are applied to your face. You don't want to waste these active medications you paid for, right?

I know a friend who booked her facial treatment on the same day of an event. She had no choice so she unknowingly put makeup on right after the session. Que horror! More zits the next day!

TAKE NOTE: I am not a facialist/aesthetician nor a licensed dermatologist so I could only tell advices and suggestions based on my personal experience. I really hope that this guide has been helpful. Thank you for reading and tell me about your facial  treatment experience through the comment box! :)


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  1. hello i just wanna ask,when can i start doing my skincare again after facial?

    1. Hi Tin, my facialist would usually advice me to do my routine after 24 hours at most.


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