High-end Makeup Products I Swear By (and Will Definitely Buy Again)

by - Thursday, June 09, 2016

You don't really need the most expensive makeup and tools to achieve a perfect, on fleek makeup look. But if you're like me who's slowly making a transition from affordable drugstore makeup brands to the incredibly expensive high-end brands then you are definitely in the right place! Here are my top choices when it comes to high-end makeup and the ones that I will definitely repurchase all over again. Real talk. Most of these products received rave reviews from the beauty community so you know that you're really getting value for your money.

We all know M.A.C, right? So when I first had the chance to purchase my very own high-end makeup I knew it got to be MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Powder Foundation (PHP 1,900 as of year 2015). It's classy, straightforward and it really does have a good coverage. I love it!

Another favourite of the beauty community from MAC would be of course the fluid version of MAC Studio Fix, the MAC Pro Longwear, and of course the lipsticks (not in the photo).

Gone are the days when cheap eyelash curlers are enough. Back then, I would just buy a P100 eyelash curler and I'm good to go. Like, really. Who would buy a thousand buck worth of eyelash curler, right? But Shu Uemura changed the way I think of eyelash curlers. I knew that there's a good reason why the beauty community is raving about this curler. And I was right, I gave in and never switched since then. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (PHP 1,000+) is perfect for my Asian eyes, it's so easy to use and it doesn't pinch my skin.

WISHLIST: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil/Makeup Remover

NARS Blush
Been lemming for NARS Orgasm ever since I was introduced to it. It seems like every beauty enthusiast has a NARS Orgasm with them or if not one; probably all the NARS blushes (PHP 1,650+ each).

I didn't really need to confirm or search for its texture, longevity, and whatnot for a convincing because the idea of pinkish shade with fine gold shimmer got me sold already! Can you hear me shouting here? That's freaking FINE GOLD SHIMMERS!!! You have no idea how much NARS Orgasm blush dupes I own just to stop myself from getting the real one. But I can't. I just can't. Haha!

AND I DON'T REGRET MY DECISION. Medyo naiyak lang ako ng konti kasi I was so broke na after buying it but at least my makeup soul has been fed. (Wait, what?! Haha)

WISHLIST: NARS Ita Kabuki Brush

Boyfriend prolly already knows this as I always chant these words "CHANEL GIRL FOREVER!". Anyway, enough with my CC fangirling. With mom, being a Chanel girl herself, scouting some Chanel items (which are way beyond my purchasing power) became a little easier to acquire. Thanks mom! I love you.

This Chanel Perfection Lumiere Long-wear Flawless Fluid Makeup (around PHP 3,000) was gifted to me. It's not as long-lasting as I want it to be but it's okay because I'm oily and it fades beautifully. The finish looks naturally flawless and most of all, it is YELLOW-TONED (which I really love by the way), it's super freaking yellow I really thought that this will look awful on me. To my surprise, this foundation has this magical ability to adjust to any skin tone dispelling the idea of making your face way too yellow. I love this!

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Hope you like this mini guide. Thank you! :)


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