HAUL: Missha, K-Palette, LUSH Cosmetics, Biore, KATE Tokyo Cosmetics, and new clothes

by - Friday, July 01, 2016

I'm really not into sharing hauls but I realized that I'm running out of queued posts for this month so I decided to share our shopping haul instead. Yep, I usually draft my posts in advance so I could check my grammar again and again. Anyway, I didn't buy a lot though.

The amount of beauty products in Japan can be a bit overwhelming so I always make it a point to always research first before purchasing anything. So more or less what I have right now are mostly home necessities and some products I've been meaning to try.

Mom bought a polo shirt from Right On (green plastic bag). Right On is a Japanese store that sells jeans as their main item and other casual wear for both males and females. They also offer items from the brands Lee, FILA, LEVI's, PUMA, Vans, etc. As for myself, since I don't have any formal wear whenever I'm here in Japan, we also decided to get a blazer from Emma James New York.

I've been lemming to get something from LUSH ever since, so when I saw this Intergalactic Bath Bomb while watching a Japanese show I knew I got to drag my family to the nearest LUSH Cosmetics store!

You gotta check how this Intergalactic Bath Bomb works in Youtube. It's amazing! This Intergalactic Bath Bomb and the other one in pastel blue retail for ¥720/each and can be used for one time only! Sounds impractical, eh? Yep. In the defense of these bath bombs, they reaaaally smell so good and they leave your skin extremely smooth after bath.

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner in Super Black (in Limited Edition Disney Princess packaging) ¥1,200/Php 795 - I've said this before and I'll say it again, K-Palette 1Day Tattoo has got to be my favorite eyeliner ever!...Ever! In depth review coming up, soon!

Next in the list is Missha M Magic Cushion Mat SPF50+/PA+++ which retails for ¥1,000 (around 430 in Peso). BB Cushions in the Philippines are usually spendy and are sold for roughly PHP800-1000+. This one is such a steal because (as of checking) this M Magic Cushion costs PHP1,200 in Missha stores in the Philippines!
Image via redkimono.igetweb.com
Affordable Drugstore Facial Brush for pore cleaning. As for skincare, mom hoarded from the Vitamin C-line from The Body Shop for herself while she got me some items for my zits.

We took advantage of the card points and discounts as summer/seasonal sales are popping up like crazy. Here, we recently bought a formal inner wear plus a 2-piece ensemble consists of a top with French quote printed and a long, wavy vest--which I really really love by the way!

Speaking of sales, we chanced upon this 35% OFF discount for some KATE Tokyo Cosmetics. These ones promise to cover up pores, zits, and other imperfections quite well and they're on sale, so why not?

Last but not the least are these little things from the drugstore. I got mom a pair of eyeshadow brushes from an affordable brand Rosy Rosa since her MAC eyeshadow quad does not come with one. As for me, I got myself a roll-on deodorant which is very useful during summer and Bioré Skincare Facial Wash.

That's it for now! Thank you for reading! By the way, I'm also starting to take photos using my iphone and ipad lately. Hope you can bear with the little changes when it comes to the resolution of the photos (especially if viewed on a desktop). Thank you! :)

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