Missha M Magic Cushion #23 Review

by - Thursday, July 07, 2016

BB Cushion has been under my beauty radar for so long but I only got the chance to try one recently. I was skeptical, to be honest, I thought it was just your-typical-BB-cream-poured-in-a-different-container so I kept on ditching it.

Months have passed and recently I noticed that some parts of my skin are enraged. Well, there are many things at play though, like new sets of food taken, new lifestyle, new climate--as I just recently moved to another country. So I had to be cautious. One thing I really do if I want to calm my skin is to rest it from any makeups, most especially base/foundations.

And that's when I go for my BB creams--especially if I really need to go out with some makeup on. Besides you can never go wrong with BB creams as they are like tinted moisturizers with even more benefits. So the next thing I know, I was already looking for a good BB Cushion here in Japan.
Missha M Magic Cushion #23 ReviewMissha M Magic Cushion #23 Review
Hehe! Too much for my intro (I really missed writing, yo!) The Missha M Magic Cushion here in Japan comes in a different packaging as it doesn't come with a box but with a transparent plastic standee. In similarity, the cushion itself looks just like most of the BB Cushion in the market. It comes with an applicator sponge, separate sponge holder, and mirror. It's posh and sturdy.

Price: JPY 1,000/PHP 1,200
Missha M Magic Cushion #23 Review
Missha M Magic Cushion #23 Review
Scent, Texture and Consistency
Missha M Magic Cushion is fragrant. It has this powdery scent to it that is very refreshing. Consistency and Texture-wise, I find Missha M Magic Cushion more liquidy and runny. Also, it's not as thick as the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream so it feels a little lighter on the skin upon application.
Missha M Magic Cushion #23 Review
Just like most of the Korean BB Cushions in the market, Missha M Magic Cushion comes in very limited shades. Currently it has two shades available: #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige. I got #23 and it's nothing like the Perfect Cover BB Cream shades which are overly pink-toned for me.
Missha M Magic Cushion #23 Review
Luckily, Missha M Magic Cushion #23 leans on the warmer side of the spectrum. It is yellow toned yes, however it has this little tinge of pink to it. It doesn't leave a horrible gray cast so I'm not complaining.
Missha M Magic Cushion #23 Review
Coverage and Finish
I had very huge cystic and nodular acne by the time I bought the cushion so I was really able to put everything to test. Missha M Magic Cushion was able to cover minor blemishes like dark spots and dark circles but I had to reach out for my concealer to cover up the zits.
Missha M Magic Cushion #23 Review
This cushion has light to medium buildable coverage which is ideal for everyday use. If you are going out for a long event or has a lot of blemishes to cover, a heavy duty primer and concealer would be your best bet.

Finish and Longevity
Missha M Magic Cushion sets into a semi-dewy finish. It gives the skin the healthy glow that I really love. As much as I love how it looks, unfortunately, my face can get really, really oily and the heat and oil make it difficult to maintain that beautiful dewy base.

I look horrible after 1-2 hours. Yes, that quick! It's horrible to the point that I look like a teenager hitting her puberty with uncontrollable shine on her face and cystic acne. Ugh. Really. Can you just imagine that? Again, that was just 1-2 hours given that I always go and stay in air conditioned places.

Everything starts to feel heavy after my skin gets oily too. It feels sticky and icky at the same time. Longevity-wise, once I'm all oily, the cushion easily slips off my face and transfers. Well, it didn't promise to be oil-controlling and transfer-proof so I guess it really can't be helped. On the lighter note, I get to minimize the oiliness/dewiness by topping it off with a finishing powder and using some blotting paper. The Missha M Magic Cushion usually stays on me for 2-3 hours depending on how intense the summer heat is.

• What I like About Missha M Magic Cushion?
- classy, sturdy packaging
- fairly cheap and affordable
- invigorating scent
- decent, buildable coverage
- feels very moisturizing and does not emphasize dry spots
- didn't break me out
- yellow tone-friendly shades; no gray cast
- the patting and sponge technology is really good in making your skin look flawless
- SPF50+

• What I don't like About it?
- horrible oil control
- feels heavy and sticky afterwards
- very limited shades

Overall, I really love Missha M Magic Cushion. I still use it regularly even if it's summer and I plan to use it even more during the cooler season because it's moisturizing plus the dewiness makes my skin look healthy and radiant. Thank you for reading!


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