4 Cute Office & School Supplies You Should Buy in Japan

by - Sunday, August 28, 2016

In Japan you will be amazed by the huge selection of school supplies. One time I visited a book store and was looking for a mechanical pencil. To my surprise there is a big space intended for all mechanical pencils, another for you know, traditional pencils, and another space for gel pens, another for ballpoint pens, another for this kind of pen, for this, for that and the list goes on.

I wouldn't blame them for being so freaking neat with organizing but I was like "why so many?!" Anyway, I got home without a mechanical pencil but with 2 frixion stamps with me! Haha so if you're like me whose favorite drop points in every mall are book stores, stationery department, or school/office supplies then this post is definitely for you! :)

Pilot Frixion Pens (Available in wide range of colors, sets, and units)
My favorite unit of all is the Frixion Ball Slim 038. It's a 0.38mm ballpoint pen that is available in 20 amazing colors. If you're like me who likes her writing fine and blotch-less (I find 0.5 mm too thick) then this type of pen is for you.

If you're still new to the Frixion series, Pilot Frixion pens are erasable pens equipped with friction ink that react to heat caused by friction. This mechanism allows the ink to be colorless or erased.

My black Frixion Ball Slim 038

This ballpen is lightweight and was even awarded the Japanese' Good Design Award in 2013. The Pilot Frixion Ball Slim 038 is also available in individual refills/replacement sets. I currently have the black one and I'm planning to get the purple and pink ones next time!

© Images via Pilot Japan http://www.frixion.jp/sp/lineup/study.html?pid=product_ball-slim-038 | http://www.pilot.co.jp/products/pen/ballpen/gel_ink/frixionball_slim/

Pilot Frixion Stamps (Frixion series is also available in Frixion Color Pencils)
Stamps have a huge part in the Japanese culture. In Japan, stamps are widely used in lieu of signatures. Let's just say, Japanese people do not sign, they stamp. These stamps are even registered to the City Hall especially for serious confidential matters like bank accounts, contracts, and last will and testaments.

So I guess it's no longer surprising how Japanese people see the use of stamp. Many companies produce stamps not only for personal matters like this but also for school and novelty use.

Here I got 2 Pilot Frixion Stamps in 休 (yasumi) which translates to "rest or rest day" and バイト (baito) which means "part-time job". This is very useful since I'm really a planner person. I regularly jot down the time I signed out and other stuff related to my work.

The Pilot Frixion Stamp is available in 60 cute designs. Some of which are Activities (flight, lunch/dinner date out, drinking date out, swimming, yoga, etc);
Places (school, bank, dentist, etc);
Weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy);
Sports, Animals, and other kawaii shapes.
NOTE: All of which are only available in Japanese writing though.

© Images via Pilot Japan

Pilot Hi Tec-C Coleto (コレト)
I love using different colors of pens when writing. Back in university, it made my reviewing fun and easier. The problem with using different pens though is the fact that I always have to bring 5-10 colors with me. If your bag is already stuffed with a lot of things (like mine) then Pilot Hi Tec-C is going to be your savior!

Here's the 10 pcs Baymax Set I've been using

I don't know what this is called in Manila but here in Japan we call it Multi Pen. The Pilot Hi Tec-C Coleto is a Multi Pen with 2, 3, 4, and even 5 Component Body.

The idea is you choose a body - that is the container. For an instance, you get the 3 component container. Next step is to choose three colors (refills) for your container/body. Lastly, close the cap! Voila! You now have your own customized multi pen! One pen, multiple colors!

The body and refills are sold separately. The refills are available in 15 lovely colors with points 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5 mm. You may also buy the color refills in sets or individually.

What's great about the Pilot Hi Tec-C (compared to other brands producing multi pen) is that Hi Tec-C allows you to insert not only colored gel ink refills but also a mechanical pencil, stylus unit, and an eraser refill into the body. OMG! That's gel pen, mechanical pencil, and a stylus in one freaking body!!!!

NOTE: the stylus pen can't be used for smartphone touch panel. (I think it only works for Nintendo DS and the like).

© Images via Pilot Japan http://www.pilot.co.jp/products/pen/ballpen/gel_ink/coleto/

Washi Tapes (MT, Maste)
Washi tapes are decorative Japanese paper tapes. They're different from other tapes in a sense that the texture is a mix between an adhesive tape and a paper. It's easy to cut but it's not totally tear-prone in an annoying manner.

Image via mt-masking-tape

They're commonly used in scrapbooking, planners, gift wrapping, and other decorative ideas. I sometimes use mine to cover a notebook and make it look cuter.

Image via mt-masking-tape

There are many brands and places to shop for washi tapes. I've already bought washi tapes from Divisoria and Daiso (China made) and the feel and texture is totally different from the ones made in Japan.

If you're big on quality, then you should try MT and MASTE washi tapes. Honestly speaking, I don't really care much about the brand. If the design's cute then I buy it but what's nice about these famous brands is that they regularly do collaborations with famous artists and trademark characters (e.g MT x Sanrio) so if you're a collector, do check 'em out!

© Japanese themed washi tapes via maste-marks

MT: http://www.masking-tape.jp/en/sp/
Maste: http://maste-marks.jp/sp/product/


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