JAPAN HAUL: July 2016

by - Monday, August 01, 2016

As mentioned in my previous post, the month of July was quite a challenge. Also, July is a month full of crazy seasonal sales and discounts. So to knock over the bleakness of the recent situation, we also regularly went out of the house for some retail therapy. Hooray!

Uniqlo tees & stretchable pants
Who can say NO to Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars shirts? These shirts revived my inner-child when I saw them in Uniqlo. The fabric is perfect for summer plus they were on sale too!

Most of my t-shirts and stretchable pants are from Uniqlo. They're good quality and they last a long time. I don't usually buy in Manila though as I find it a little cheaper to buy in Japan. (PS: Uniqlo isn't consider a high-end brand in Japan)

To be honest, I'm really not the I-need-new-clothes-type of person but the seasonal sales are popping up like crazy hence...

I found this hooded maxi-shirt in one of the cheap-ass stores nearby. The fabric is nice for 700JPY price tag and lately, I'm digging maxi-dresses for summer season so I bought it. This hooded maxi-shirt is like a breath of fresh air for my maxi-dress collection. Sobrang bagsak presyo na nga dito sa store na 'to tapos nag-sale pa. Who I am to complain? Haha

EMMA JAMES New York formal dress
Don't let the brand name startle you, they're pretty much like a department store brand but since they carry formal wear and corporate attire, the price can still get a tad bit spendy. I got this dress while it's on 30% OFF sale, plus this size (my size) and 2 more huge sizes are the only ones left on the rack. Just got lucky!

Eye Care
I have very, very poor eye sight and a very sensitive eyes due to my allergies. We can save another post for my eye situation but for now, all I can say is that I love eye drops! Haha It saved me from having to cut class because of itchy, reddish eyes which the clinic and most people believe as a communicable sore eyes. Gahd No! (They go back to normal 3 hours tops)

  • Re-Nu Color Contact Lens Solution
  • Visine Eye Drops
  • Eyeglasses Defogger Sheet
  • Eyeglasses Defogger Drops
These two defoggers are called Kumoridome (kumori - cloudy, tome/dome - stop) in Japanese. I had to consult the dictionary since I really have no idea what they're called in English since I have never encountered one in Manila (oh, you, very Westernized Manila haha). These are God-sent items. I wear eyeglasses on a daily basis, of course, and it's crazy whenever my glasses get cloudy when I eat Ramen or any hot food for that matter.

  • Lululun 7-day Sheet Masks - A set full of 7 sheet masks for 1 week use. I haven't finished the whole pack but so far so good. It helps moisturize the dry patchy areas of my face.
  • Suncut UV Protect Spray - I will say this in Filipino language para intense. A sunblock PANG TAMAD NA KATULAD KO.
Summer season (June-August) in Japan is as hot as it is in Manila, believe me. A lot of people die or if not, are rushed to the hospital due to heat stroke. And I am already tanned actually. Haha! But for the sake of skincare and my fears of getting skin cancer, I purchased this sunblock spray. It's easier to use plus I can bring it with me in my bag.

  • FREE Sweat Sheet Mask (Refresh Sheet)
Japan is indeed one innovative country, 'no? Correct me if we also have this in Manila but I only get to use something like this in Japan. This one is intended for body sweat. It's useful especially when your deodorant isn't that strong enough to protect you from bad odor. You can quickly grab a sheet and wipe. Most girls also use this to wipe away sweat from their arms or neck. It's like having to clean your body with a perfumed and disinfectant wet tissue.


iPhone 6S in Rose Gold
Well, this is one of this month's purchases that I'm quite unsure of. I knew Apple will introduce new iphone/s by September but I really need a phone right now. I'm not always at home lately and it's quite a problem when people/friends can't contact me.

I initially thought of getting the GOLD one as it perfectly matches the theme of my room, minimalistic White/Gold (Brown); however, it is currently out of stock and I have to wait for a week or two to get it. So I was like 'kahit ano nalang, kailangan na talaga ng pang communication', luckily there was Rose Gold in stock! I also got a 64gb lightning flash drive for free!

Cecil Mcbee Leather Bag
The highlight of my July was going home to a huge Cecil Mcbee Leather Bag from momma! My mom is a huge fan of Cecil Mcbee (and I understand why) that even my wallet, which she bought as a Christmas present last year, was also from Cecil Mcbee.

It felt so nice to arrive home very tired with a surprise gift waiting for you.

Last but not the least,

Touchscreen LED Brightening Mirror
I was actually saving up for this one when mom remembered that she has a gift check from that store, so we ended up paying for almost half of the original price. Lucky!

To use the mirror, you touch the round button below. You can also adjust the brightness of the LED lights by touching the same button, easy peasy! It comes in white, black, and pink color I believe. But I got the white one for my room.

This month has been an emotional roller coaster ride for my family. Nevertheless, I am very grateful of all the blessings that I really never thought could happen. Sometimes, not getting what you really want could be a wonderful stroke of luck 'no? Anyways, that's it for today! Thank you for reading! :)


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