24 Things I learned About Myself

by - Monday, September 05, 2016

Whoops! In few days time I'll turn a year older again. A lot of changes have happened in my life and I'm literally feeling how it is to be 'adult-ing' now haha so you know, for a breath of fresh air in my beauty blog, I thought of writing 24 little things about me.

  1. I'm an only child. And I definitely enjoy being one. My childhood didn't suck as I lived in a compound with my whole clan. In our family, it's normal to have a single child and a max of two children so I really never felt 'alone and different' as I lived and played with my cousins.
  2. I used to be tomboyish. Meh, I think one way or another we really had this phase in life. And by tomboyish, I meant that almost everyone in the family blurted out that they were really happy when I had my first boyfriend. (Haha!) They said they were already in the acceptance stage as most of my childhood friends and cousins are boys and that I am also best friends with a bi. (So they really thought I'd be one).
  3. I'm a bad combination of shy and outgoing. In school, people, especially my professors see me as a very reliable person as I always seem to be cool and in control. NOT. I actually have my fair share of social anxieties (and that I recently had a very fresh panic attack before writing this post).
  4. I am a very sentimental person. (My mom calls this as HOARDING though). Whatever you say it is, I value receipts, wrappers, boxes like as if they'll bring me fortune. I used to keep wrappers of candies given to me by Highschool classmates who made their way to approach me first (as I can get really shy sometimes). It's difficult for me to trash random memorabilia and whatnots but I'm learning! I learned that in life, you really have to let go of some things in order to give way for the new and better ones.
  5. I'm a hugeass perfectionist and I hate myself for it! Don't get me wrong, I don't go around telling people that there grammar is wrong ha or that something isn't looking good, or that something doesn't fit. BUT it is definitely the very first thing I usually notice very, very quickly. It's like a freaking second nature. Contrary to popular belief, perfectionist people do not go around pointing out every wrongdoings because they think 'they're perfect'.
  6. I'm currently hooked to chillwave type of music for 2 years now. My music changes almost in a monthly basis but Odesza has been able to keep up with my mood.
  7. I used to drink at least 3-4 cups of coffee a day. And it's a bad habit I'm not proud of. I used to drink a cup at 4am in the morning before travelling for school, another one at around 7 or 8 before or during my first class, one during lunch time (iced coffee), and 4th one at home when I need to study or pull an all-nighter for a design. 
  8. Contrary to how I may appear in this blog (a materialistic makeup junkie lol) I am actually a downright skimper! I skimp and save at almost everything (well, except food). I like the idea of being able to save a good amount of money while still young.
  9. I love writing. I love stationery. I love notebooks! I love pens! HAHA I go around buying these even if I have so many left unused. Really! I have many notebooks lying around my room. The mere idea of seeing them makes me so, so happy.
  10. Speaking of writing, I do write and take down notes both digitally and manually. My NOTES app (in all my igadgets) is regularly used for random daily jotting. Likewise, I also keep traditional planners, sticky notes, and memo pads with me for reminders!
  11. And...speaking of planners, I used to keep 2 planners per year. Yes, two. One for my monthly activities then the other one for tracking my monthly expenditures and savings. (There! Nahuhuli nyo na ang pagiging kuripot person ko lol)
  12. I'm a Virgo with an Aquarius moon. I only learned about my moon sign lately. I'm actually surprised but I also felt thankful at the same time because I believe that's where I get my 'sense of independence' and my 'comfortability with being alone' attitude.
  13. If there's one makeup item I would definitely not go out without wearing it's gonna be an EYELINER. I used to hate my chinky small eyes that I even had a phase in my life when I totally got hooked to circle lenses just to make them appear bigger. Long story short, I love my eyes now but I always think that they make me look meaner and standoffish in some ways. So to tame it down and make me look "friendlier" I regularly line my eyes! Haha
  14. In connection with number 13, I definitely have a bitchy resting face. You gotta see me in person to believe it. It's not fun, it's not cool, and I always hated my facial features because people always thought I'm the 'bad guy' because of my face.
  15. I almost thought I will never wear shorts in my life ever again when someone in my High school insensitively talked and joked about my thigh gap. She said that I was probably already devirginized (at 13) that's why my thighs have gap. I didn't cry but it felt something like "I will never ever wear shorts again. :(" Come 2010-2011 Thigh Gaps trended in Tumblr. I've never felt this comfortable and happy with my own body. Lesson? Love your own body! 
  16. If I have to rank Reading, Writing, and Speaking by efficiency. I believe Speaking will always be the last. I'm not really good at speaking even though most people at school see me as an effective speaker. I'm usually shy and I don't enjoy so much attention. (I still feel my jaw locking and my skin sweating bullets whenever I speak in front of a large crowd). Reading and writing will prolly share the same spot. I love these two! I'm not bookish but I noticed that I enjoy reading (beauty) articles than watching video tutorials haha! PS: I sometimes wish that life should also come with manuals because aside from it will probably make our life easier (lol); fortunately I do take my time reading manuals too! Haha (hindi ko kinatatamaran 'yan). And yes, of course, Writing! I pour my heart out when I write. I actually express myself best when I write. <3 li="">
  17. If there are (practical) advices I want to give to aspiring art students: forget about sleep but try to enjoy the lifestyle; don't be dependent to coffee and energy drinks (it's not healthy); professors will ask you to do what they do and be your own artist at the same, if you can do that and balance the idea, the better; there are rivalry everywhere and it is also highly prevalent in art schools, both your friends and professors do art for a living so chances are they will never teach you what they know SO YOU GOTTA LEARN A LOT OF THINGS BY YOURSELF.
  18. I love wearing black clothes like as if my life depends on it.
  19. I'm allergic to seafood (shrimp, crabs, etc). I only eat limited kinds of fish. 
  20. With that said, yes, I only eat limited Japanese food. My ultimate faves, of course, are ramen, gyoza, and shabu shabu.
  21. 2 years ago, my personality assessment resulted to INTP but early this year, I tested it again and it resulted to INTJ (Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgement). I did the assessment twice just to be sure and it resulted the same. It's not very surprising actually since it kinda proves how introverted I really am. What's surprising though is the research/studies behind these 2 personalities (go read them). Also, both of these personalities are under the 'Rational Temperament'. Funny since I always see myself as a very emotional person haha! 
  22. As much as I love makeup and being fashionable, I truly hate doing my nails haha! Nail polishes were never my thing. Real talk. The last time I painted my nails? I was 16-17 haha
  23. My favorite subjects back in uni were: (for Major art subjects) Layout, Computer Graphics1, Photog, Still Life, and Advertising Marketing. (for Minor subjects) English/Technical Writing, World Literature, Logic/Philosophy, PolSci and Humanities!!! 
  24. If there's one advice/lesson I would tell myself and other people all over again, it's gonna be "you gotta win everyday at life!" :)


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