Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong Ocean Park

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

While organizing my blog tags, I realized that while I was able to share about our trip to Macau, I totally forgot to tell you guys about our trip to Hong Kong.
We rode a double-decker bus from the airport on our way to our budget hostel.
The place we stayed at can be found right at the heart of Nathan Road, Kowloon. Such a busy and lively area.
Hong Kong shopping wouldn't be complete without dropping by Sasa! Sasa is like Watsons of Manila except, I noticed, they have way more skincare and makeup items from neighboring Asian countries like Japan and South Korea.

After we checked in our hotel, we quickly left for lunch and went to Hongkong-Macau Ferry Terminal. We then spent the whole day there with relatives and friends living in Macau. Check my Macau Trip here!
The next day, we rode the ferry back to Hong Kong. Hello Hong kong Ocean Park!
Giant Panda Adventure
This attraction features the famous pandas Ying ying and Le le. Here, I only have photos of Le le, since the other panda is out of sight and was probably sleeping haha!

MUST CHECK NEARBY: Panda Cafe features panda-shaped Asian snacks and Panda Kingdom Shop, a souvenir shop that sells Panda merch and toys.
Of course, Hong Kong Ocean Park tour wouldn't be complete without riding the cable car!
Come evening, we then rode a bus going to The Peak, also known as Victoria Peak. It is a nice place with a very nice view of urban Hong kong. I should have stayed longer and taken some photos but it was winter and I honestly couldn't tolerate the temperature outside. So I figured I just stay inside a coffee shop while some of my family members were enjoying the view outside.

Finally, the very next morning we went to Hong Kong Disneyland!
Lesson learned. Always bring either an extra camera or an extra battery if you plan to travel for a whole freaking day. My battery died on me so I was only able to use my iPod touch's camera, hence these crappy low-res photos.
Tipid Tip! We mostly dined in fast food restaurants and munched on street food while in Hong Kong. If you're not big on trying new restaurants and Hong Kong cuisine then doing this will save you a good amount of money.
Our last day in Hong Kong was spent buying souvenirs for friends and relatives. Lucky for us, there were a couple of night markets around our hotel so it was easier to score cute and cheap items. Since we were traveling with kids and my granny, our itinerary was pretty laid back and flexible. Free hours were spent SASA shopping and meeting fellow Kababayans and eating at their mini food stalls (Carinderia)



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